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Hangzhou girl's body found

On July 4, Zhang Zixin, a 9-year-old girl from Chun'an, Zhejiang Province, was taken away from her home by two tenants on the pretext of "going to Shanghai to be a wedding flower boy". From the evening of July 7, her family lost contact with the tenant and the girl. So, what are the doubts about the case of missing girls in Hangzhou?

According to the surveillance video released by the police, Zhang Zixin's last appearance was next to a coastal road in Songlan mountain scenic area of Xiangshan County, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. Since the incident was exposed by the media, it has attracted wide public attention. With the continuous disclosure of surveillance video and more and more details, the incident has also experienced several rumors and refutation. However, there are still many questions about the whereabouts of the lost children and the abnormal behavior of the two tenants.

July 4th high speed rail station monitoring Liang Xie Xie appeared picture, according to the official account of Chunan County Public Security Bureau WeChat.

Event timeline:

On June 10, two tenants stayed in the local hotel

On June 29, two tenants rented Zhang's room and checked in

On July 2, Zhang Zixin asked her grandparents to take her children to Shanghai on the pretext of being a wedding flower boy

On July 4, Zhang Zixin was taken away by two tenants.

On July 5, two couple tenants released several videos to their grandparents, showing that their granddaughter Zhang Zixin was safe.

On July 6, it was agreed that the child would be sent back on that day, but Zhang's family did not see any trace of the child. After the surveillance video shows that two tenants with Zhang Zixin in Ningbo Haishu District Ningbo Station Orange Hotel.

On the morning of July 7, two tenants checked out at Orange Hotel and left with Zhang Zixin.

At about 14:00 on July 7, when asked why the child had not been returned, the couple said they were playing in Ningbo and could not buy a ticket for the high-speed railway. They refused Zhang Jun's request to drive to Ningbo to pick up the child.

At 17:23 on July 7, according to the police report, the tenant couple and their children were monitored at the gate of Golden Coast Hotel in songlanshan tourist resort, Xiangshan County, Ningbo City. Zhang Zixin was wearing a white and green dress and gray sandals on the same day, and no child was found later.

At about 18:00 on July 7, the tenant and his wife sent a message that the charger was broken and the mobile phone was running out of power. They arrived at Qiandao Lake at 9 or 10 p.m. After that, it was shut down and lost contact.

At about 19:18 on July 7, the tenant, his wife and three children appeared on the road from songlanshan to juexi street in Xiangshan County, which became the last location where Zhang Zixin appeared. The location where the three people appear together is the only entrance to Songlan mountain nearby.

At about 22:120 on July 7, the tenant and his wife appeared in the surveillance screen, and there was no little girl.

At 23:01 on July 7, the tenant and his wife left at the East Gate intersection of juexi street by taxi zhebt9xx1.

At about 0:00 on July 8, the two tenants took a taxi to a crossroad near Dongqianhu scenic spot in Yinzhou District of Ningbo and got off. During the journey, I didn't answer or speak.

At about 0:00 on July 8, the couple committed suicide by jumping into Dongqian Lake in Ningbo. Their clothes were tied together.

Then look for the girl

On the evening of July 10, Zhang Zixin's citizen card was found along the coastline of Xiangshan.

Since July 10, Ningbo Xiangshan County Eagle emergency rescue team and the police launched a search and rescue in Songlan mountain scenic area. The search and rescue area is within 2km of the scenic area coastline and the nearby mountains.

At about 10 o'clock on July 11, the search police force increased to more than 400 people, and the search range was expanded to 10 kilometers in diameter.

On July 12, the search police force increased to more than 500 people, and the water surface area of the search was expanded to 20 nautical miles. The next step of the search will be shifted to the nearby islands.

On July 13, Zhang Zixin's body was found in the sea area of tantoushan, Shipu