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How many scenic spots have you visited in Luoyang?

Luoyang, the capital of the thirteen dynasties, is one of the most interesting historical sites. So, what are the scenic spots worth visiting in Luoyang?

Tianzijialiu Museum

If you want to understand Luoyang, which is the capital of the thirteen dynasties, the local museum must not be missed. The six museum is a small museum, but it is the most essence of Luoyang's Eastern Zhou culture, and it is located in the center of Luoyang's old city. Its location is better than price, and tickets are cheaper. The real value here.

Tang Dynasty Luoyang City National Heritage Park tiantangmingtang scenic spot

Tiantangmingtang scenic area mainly refers to the Wu Zhou period. This period is the time when Wu Zetian came to power. Wu Zetian built it here, which is basically the largest pure wood building. However, after the an Shi rebellion in history, it suffered a damage. Now what my friends see is the scene after reconstruction, and there are many stories about the female emperor If you have any friends who want to know Wu Zetian's history, don't miss it here.

National Peony Garden

The national peony garden is located in Mangshan town of Luoyang. Every spring and April, you can come here to enjoy the beautiful features of thousands of peonies. Fortunately, you can also see the face of the peony king. At the same time, this millennium peony king is a famous relic of the Sui Dynasty. You can't ask for it. Moreover, the admission ticket of this peony garden is also very beneficial to the people. All the friends can accept the price, so it's worth the visit Take a tour of the city.

Luoyang Museum

Luoyang Museum is located in Luolong District of Luoyang. It is one of the scenic spots worth visiting. You can see the long history and culture of various dynasties in the history here. Many friends think that you can really see the history of Luoyang only if you have been here. Moreover, the museum is completely free of charge. You only need to get a ticket with your ID card to enter and visit it. It's the history of Luoyang You can see the history at a glance here.