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How to travel to Guangzhou? These five scenic spots must not be missed!

Guangzhou is a southern city without winter and cold. It is suitable for people who are afraid of cold to settle down. At the same time, it is also one of the more developed cities in China. There are many scenic spots in Guangzhou, with different characteristics. You must not miss five scenic spots when you come to Guangzhou. How many do you know?

1. Guangzhou tower

Guangzhou tower is a landmark building in Guangzhou, with a height of 600 meters and a total of 108 floors. It is the highest tower in China. The shape of the tower is elegant, and its waist is long and thin, so it is called "small Manyao". It is strange that when you look down from the top of Guangzhou tower, you will see the panoramic view of Guangzhou, which is very beautiful. Guangzhou tower at night is more beautiful, it will be shining with dazzling light, the colorful will send out a variety of colors, many changes, visitors to the night view can take pictures.

2. Baiyun Mountain

Baiyun Mountain scenic spot is the first of the new "eight scenic spots of Yangcheng". It is a national 5A scenic spot and a national key scenic spot. It is also the highest peak in Guangzhou, with overlapping peaks, crisscross streams and small waterfalls around. Its mountain, water, stone and forest are integrated into one, with fresh air and natural beauty.

Yuexiu 3. Park

Yuexiu Park is one of the most famous landmarks in Guangzhou. The park is very large, with beautiful environment, flowers of various colors, and beautiful natural scenery. There are also museums, Zhongshan monument, Guangzhou ancient wall, sifangpao, Wuyang statue, etc. The most famous is the statue of Wuyang, which is beautiful and magnificent. The whole stone statue of Wuyang was carved with 130 pieces of granite. There are five sheep in the stone statue, and there are flowers at the bottom of the stone statue, which can attract many Chinese and foreign tourists.

4. Sand noodles

When you come to Guangzhou, you must have Shamian. It was once called shicuizhou, a sandbank formed by the Pearl River. It has more than 150 buildings in the unique style of Europe. There are also White Swan Hotel, Shamian Park and other European architectural styles. It has beautiful scenery and is also a good place for people who like photography.

5. Shangxiajiu pedestrian street

Shangxiajiu pedestrian street is one of the three traditional and prosperous commercial centers in Guangzhou, with a total length of more than 1000 meters. There are all kinds of commercial shops and delicious food. As long as you go shopping, walking and shopping, you can enjoy good quality and low price. It is a good place for tourists.