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How many of the four forbidden cities have you been to?

When it comes to the Forbidden City, the first thing you think of is the Forbidden City in Beijing, which is one of the most familiar tourist attractions. This is the Royal Palace of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, also known as the Forbidden City. But there is more than one Forbidden City in China. Besides the Forbidden City in Beijing, there are three. Have you been to these forbidden cities?

Built in 1406, it took 14 years to build the Palace Museum in Beijing. It is now 600 years old. It is an internationally renowned historical site and world cultural heritage. The Palace Museum was established in 1925 and then opened to tourists. Now it receives more than ten million tourists every year.

In the north of Shenyang, Liaoning Province, there is also a forbidden city called Shenyang Forbidden City, which is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Shenyang. Built in 1625, Shenyang Palace Museum is the Imperial Palace in the early Qing Dynasty.

After the Qing Dynasty moved its capital to Beijing, the Shenyang Palace Museum has been preserved as a companion capital. There are more than 500 ancient buildings, most of which are well preserved. Now the Shenyang Palace Museum is listed in the world cultural heritage list just like the Beijing Palace Museum.

Nanjing has a Ming Palace Museum in the south. The Beijing Palace Museum was built on the basis of the Ming Palace Museum in Nanjing. However, the Palace Museum of the Ming Dynasty has not been completely preserved. Now there are only ruins left, which are open to tourists for free.

In the early Ming Dynasty, the capital of Nanjing was established. The Nanjing Palace Museum was built in 1366 and completed in 1392. It has been used for 54 years. As the capital moved to Beijing, the Forbidden City in Nanjing was no longer in use and gradually destroyed in the subsequent war.

There is also a forbidden city in Taipei City, Taiwan Province, which is called the Taipei Forbidden City. However, this forbidden city is not a royal palace, but a museum. It was built in 1962. It has a short history, but it plays an important role in the field of museums.

The Taipei Palace Museum is one of the three major museums in China, with a collection of nearly 700000 cultural relics. The Forbidden City in Taipei is one of the scenic spots that many tourists must visit. One of the treasures of the town hall is the meat shaped stone, which is very lifelike and is the real best in the world.