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Are there any food streets in Tianjin? Recommended food street in Tianjin

Tianjin is also a popular online city. Many people travel to Tianjin every year. In fact, Tianjin not only has interesting scenic spots, but also has delicious special food for many people. So, do you know any food streets in Tianjin? Which of these food streets have you been to?

Northwest corner Hui flavor snack street

Northwest corner, the largest Hui community in Tianjin, where there are authentic Hui traditional snacks. Gathered in Tianjin, all kinds of flavor food lined up on both sides of the road, famous for authentic mutton soup and famous Xiaolao restaurant. The hot fried cakes, soup, tea, rolls and beef cakes here are clean and delicious, but they are highly praised by senior eaters in Tianjin. Needless to say, just look at the scene of queuing there.

Address: northwest corner, Hongqiao District, Tianjin

Wangdingdi snack street

Wangdingdi night market atmosphere is very good, all kinds of snacks, very suitable for eating while walking. Fat brother QQ fried chicken rack, sizzling tofu, Indian flying cake, baked gluten, every delicious food is full of praise!

Address: 121 yingshuidao

Jiayuanli night market

This night market was founded in 1999. There are not only hundreds of small vendors, but also many large stalls. Recommended is the aftertaste of vegetarian food Zhai, Zhang Ji popcorn, screw turn, cooked pear paste, Mianmian ice and a variety of kebabs! With these words, Xiaobian wants to run and eat all over quickly!

Address: Jianing Road, Beichen District, Tianjin

Ximen snack street of Tianjin Normal University

As we all know, there are a lot of delicious food around the school. Northeast spicy basin, Shaanxi Liangpi, northeast chuanchuanxiang, chicken soup casserole noodles, octopus balls & hellip; & hellip; these shops have all experienced the delicious food tested by students from all over the world, the taste is absolutely not, otherwise why do students always go?

Address: West of main campus of Tianjin Normal University

Liaoning Road snack street

Liaoning road is one of the birthplaces of Tianjin snack culture. It is a famous "Jinmen never night city" in the early days of liberation. More than 50 shops have launched more than 50 kinds of snacks. There are stinky tofu, mother-in-law cake, squid, eighteen Street Mahua, Donkey Meat fire, and Tianjin specialty guifaxiang, hot and sour powder, stinky tofu, cold skin, cold noodles, even Xi'an beef cake, only you can't think of it, not you can't find it.

Address: Liaoning Road near Binjiang Road, Heping District

Mustard Garden Road night market

Mustard garden road is a delicious snack at the entrance of Milan supermarket. Recommend fried rice with soy sauce, tomato soup noodles, everything classic. Shifu is the father of three children and has a family. This night market in the northwest corner is very popular every year, especially in summer. Many people drive there to enjoy all kinds of food.

Address: outside Milan supermarket, intersection of Jieyuan road and Fuxing Road, Hongqiao District

New five love road night market

The former kellesay moved in, but now it's indoor. Compared with the previous more orderly, like shopping friends here is a good place to go, now also have during the day can also come for a walk! There is a good boiled fish, the rest is fried string, squid, sausages, baked potatoes and other not very brilliant food!

Address: closed market of former Datong gate, Guangrong Road, Hongqiao District

Fenshui road snack street

In addition to the open shop, there are also carts and stalls in the evening, which turns into a lively snack street. This snack street is very small, but there are many kinds of food, such as squid, fried stinky tofu, crisp fried squid cold noodles, roasted cold noodles, roasted gluten, spicy hot, fried noodles, shaved ice, roasted leg of lamb, roasted kebab.

Address: fenshuidao, Nankai District