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What are the local specialties in Nanping? Famous features of Nanping

Nanping has a unique ecological and cultural landscape. It attracts many people to visit this place every year. So, what local products do you know about Nanping?

Wuyi flavor

It has a history of hundreds of years, using local high-quality glutinous rice as raw material, brewed with clear mountain spring. Wuyi flavor is mellow, sweet, fragrant, moderate alcohol, less irritant, the older the more fragrant. It is also rich in organic acids, sugars, lipids and other nutrients, appropriate drinking, smooth blood, eliminate fatigue, promote appetite.

Five step snake wine

Wubushe wine is a kind of medicinal wine produced in Wuyishan. It has good curative effect on rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, tetanus, skin itching and so on.

Bamboo shoots and dried bamboo shoots

Wuyishan is the main producing area of 'Fujian bamboo shoots'. There are many kinds of bamboo shoots, including Phyllostachys pubescens, flower shell shoots, stone bamboo shoots, and Dendrocalamus latiflorus shoots. The' huangniguan 'and' white meat shoots' here are rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron and so on. They are of high nutritional value, and are regarded as the fine products of 'Bamin mountain treasures'. Wuyishan's dried bamboo shoots are unique in technology, rich in flavor, and easy to keep and carry. It is a good gift for relatives and friends.

Wuyi Rock Tea

Wuyi rock tea is the most famous specialty of Wuyi Mountain. It is rich in colorful, fragrant and mellow taste rock tea. Dahongpao is the most precious one. It has been popular for thousands of years. Tourists can buy it or give it away.