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Female drunk driving Maserati bumping into BMW

Earlier today, a video of a traffic accident was widely reproduced on the Internet. The video shows a black Maserati car crashing into a car waiting for a red light at a crossroads. Then, the car was hit by a huge impact force pushed across the intersection, and then the vehicle in front of a fire.

On the morning of July 4, the Public Security Bureau of Yongcheng City, Henan Province issued a notice that at 22:42 on July 3, a 23-year-old female Tan drove an off-road vehicle after being drunk. When driving to a certain section of Dongcheng District, Yongcheng City, she successively scraped and escaped with several small cars parked and running on the roadside. At the intersection of the East Ring Road and Yongxing street, she collided with another car waiting for the green light Two people died and four others were injured.

Nandu reporter saw from the surveillance video that when the incident happened, Tan's vehicle hit the car waiting for the green light. Dust and fog rose in all directions at the moment of impact, and the car immediately burned after being hit. According to the police, the blood alcohol content of Tan reached 167.66mg/100ml. Tan has been under control at the scene, the injured is being treated, and the accident is being handled according to law.

From the video, we can hear the startling voice of the crowd: "get up! All the children get up, stay away!" the girl is drinking too much! At about 10:42 p.m., Maserati, who was hit and escaped, drove to the intersection of Yongcheng East Ring Road and Yongxing street, causing a major traffic accident again

As can be seen in the surveillance video, the BMW, which normally waits for the red light, has no time to react. It is hit and flies to several tens of meters away, burning into a fireball in an instant!

The surrounding people immediately called the police and called 119, 120, and firefighters rushed to put out the fire.

Road Traffic Safety Law of the people's Republic of China

If a serious traffic accident occurs after drinking or driving a motor vehicle while drunk, which constitutes a crime, the criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law, and the traffic administrative department of the public security organ shall revoke the motor vehicle driving license and shall not obtain the motor vehicle driving license again for life.