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Cause of spontaneous combustion of Samsung S10 mobile phone

Recently, Samsung's flagship mobile phone ignited again. The Samsung Galaxy S10 mobile phone purchased by Huo (pseudonym) in Urumqi more than a month ago in the official flagship store of an e-commerce platform of Samsung mobile phones. After receiving the goods, the self ignition occurred when charging. After a mobile phone failure, he fed back the problem to Samsung and sent the mobile phone for testing. What's going on here?

It is reported that Huo ordered a Samsung smartphone Galaxy S10 on the e-commerce platform on May 26, and used it the next day after receiving it. On the 28th, after plugging in the charger, it was found that it could not be charged, and the charging state was not displayed. At the same time, the interface and data cable began to burn.

When the data cable is pulled out, the phone is not cooled, but even hotter. It falls to the ground because the temperature is too high to hold. Then the phone began to smoke, and after a while the fire began to appear. Because the soft film on the mobile phone screen has not been torn off, the soft film is also burning. After being watered out with water, the mobile phone is still smoking, and with it comes the sound of electric current similar to that when the stove is ignited.

Huo said that he had contacted the online customer service of the e-commerce platform, and the e-commerce platform helped him contact Samsung. On the afternoon of May 31, the explosive mobile phone was sent to the inspection and repair Office for registration. The on-site staff inspected and took photos of the mobile phone, but only showed the conclusion that the mobile phone was burnt, and the reason is unknown. One month after the incident, the owner received a refund from the e-commerce platform, but Samsung still did not give a specific test report, and Samsung officials did not give a specific description of the mobile phone accident.

It is reported that Samsung Galaxy S10 is a smart phone product launched by South Korea's SamSung company this year. It is equipped with a high-tech snapdragon 855 processor. The Samsung Galaxy S10 was officially launched in San Francisco on January 21, with a starting price of $749 and a domestic price of 5999 yuan.

Since the Samsung Note7 battery problem occurred, Samsung has been more conservative in the battery capacity design of other smart phones. The battery capacity of Samsung S10 is 3400mah, which belongs to the medium level in the Android Market. However, the specific cause of the accident has not been announced, it is not sure whether it is caused by the battery, and the official announcement of Samsung shall prevail.