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A fire in Russian waters killed 14 people. What is the impact of this undersea fire?

On July 1, local time, a fire broke out in Russian waters on a Russian scientific deep-sea submersible, killing 14 people. Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed that seven of the 14 victims were senior military officers, and two of them had won the title of "Russian hero", the country's highest honor. "It's a huge loss," Putin said. "It's not an ordinary submersible, it's a research submersible.

It is reported that at the time of the fire, the scientific deep-water submersible was studying the deep-sea environment and seabed crust for the military in Russian territorial waters. During the biometry, a fire broke out in the submersible. After the fire, the crew fought to put out the fire and eventually returned to their base in North morsk. Sources said that 14 crew members died due to inhalation of combustion products.