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Where is the location of signal 2? Details of male and female guests

Heartbeat signal 2 is on the air. Since its debut on June 19, this variety show has been paid close attention to by netizens. Many netizens like the signal cabin of the second season. The environment of the cabin is very good. Where was the second season of heartbeat signal taken? Where is the house of season 2?

Where was the heartbeat signal taken in season 2

The second season of heartbeat signal was filmed in Beijing. There are currently six ordinary guests in the program, and two new ordinary guests will be added later. The guests live together in the 'signal cabin' villa, and several guests live together for 30 days. According to these contents, the audience and the detective team will need to reason and analyze, connect with the heart and analyze the emotional clues of the guests.

In the second season, both male and female guests are excellent in appearance and profession. Male 1, born in 1996, is a student at Canberra University and a part-time English teacher. Zhao Qijun, born in 1991, manager of Beijing Culture Center. Wu Xiangwei, male, born in 1991, is a wine taster and brand ambassador of a certain champagne brand in China.

Yang Kaiwen, female, born in 1995, is a fashion designer. Zhang Tian, the second female, was born as a film and television producer in 1996. Wu Pei, the third female, was born in 1990. She is the director of human resources of Internet company.

There are eight ordinary guests participating in the program. At present, there are only six ordinary guests in the first and second phases. After that, the fourth male and the fourth female will arrive at the 'signal cabin'.

The second season of heart signal program premiered on June 19 and updated every Wednesday. It focuses on the daily life details and emotional trend of single men and women in 'signal cabin'. Song Qian, Zheng Kai, Yang Chenglin, Yang Chaoyue, Du Haitao and psychologist Liu Xuan form a brand new "heart detective team" in the second season. The heart detective team will observe the life interaction of the ordinary guests in the "heart room" in the studio, incarnate the "love Conan" outside the studio to capture the heartbeat signal and witness the birth of love with the audience.