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grieved! How to prevent drowning in summer?

On June 30, a pair of mother and son had an accident while swimming in the "Water Park" swimming pool of Yuzhou botanical garden in Xuchang. The mother drowned. Ten security officers were patrolling the children's area and the deep water area, but no one found anything unusual at the time of the incident. Medical staff continued to rescue the woman for an hour. Unfortunately, the boy could no longer hear his mother. So, how to prevent drowning? How to help oneself after drowning? What are the first aid methods for the drowning person who is rescued ashore?

What should be paid attention to in preventing drowning accidents

1. Don't go swimming alone, and don't go swimming in places where the water condition is unknown or dangerous and prone to drowning accidents.

2. Choose a safe swimming place, and understand the environment of the place, such as whether the reservoir and bathing place are sanitary, whether the underwater is flat, whether there are hidden reefs, undercurrent, weeds, and the depth of the water area.

3. It is necessary to swim with more than one person and take care of each other under the guidance of teachers, coaches or people familiar with the nature of water.

4. Be aware of your physical health, usually limbs easily cramped, not to participate in swimming or swimming in deep water.

5. Be aware of your own water nature. Don't try to be brave after you go into the water. Don't jump and dive rashly. Don't fight with each other to avoid drinking and drowning. Don't swim in rapids and eddies.

6. If you suddenly feel uncomfortable during swimming, such as dizziness, nausea, palpitation, shortness of breath, you should go ashore immediately to rest or call for help.

7. Before swimming, do stretching exercise well. In swimming, if the leg or foot cramps, do not panic, can be forced to kick or jump, or force massage, pull cramped parts, at the same time call for help. How to help oneself after drowning?

How to help oneself after drowning

1. Don't panic. Call for help when you find someone around.

2. Relax the whole body, let the body float on the water, float the head out of the water, kick the water with feet to prevent physical loss and wait for rescue.

3. When the body sinks, press the palm down.

4. If you have a cramp in the water and you can't reach the shore, call for help immediately. If there is no one around, take a deep breath, dive into the water, stretch the cramped leg, and pull the toe upward with your hand to relieve the cramp. What should I do when I find someone drowning?

What should I do when I find someone drowning

1. Throw the lifebuoy, bamboo pole, board and other objects to the drowning person, and then drag them to the shore.

2. If there is no rescue equipment, you can enter the water for direct rescue. It is best to hold the head of the person in the water from the back, or pull his chest from above to make his face above the water, and then pull him ashore.

3. People with poor water quality should not be rescued hand in hand, which may cause more people to drown. What are the first aid methods for the drowning person who is rescued ashore?

What are the first aid methods for the drowning person who is rescued ashore

1. Remove the obstruction of mouth and nose: let the drowning person face down, pry open his teeth, and remove the foreign matters in the mouth and nasal cavity with fingers.

2. Artificial respiration: for the drowning person whose breathing and heartbeat are weak or whose heart rate has just stopped, carry out artificial respiration quickly, and at the same time, do chest external cardiac compression.

3. Take off the coat: if the drowning person is wearing a coat, take it off as soon as possible. The wet coat will take away the body heat and cause low temperature injury.

4. Send to hospital: after initial rescue, if the drowning person's breathing and heartbeat have gradually returned to normal, contact the emergency center as soon as possible and send the drowning person to the hospital.