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How to have a two-day tour in Wuhan? Wuhan two day tour must see attractions

Wuhan is also a city suitable for tourism. Many people come to Wuhan every year. So, do you know any interesting places in Wuhan? How to play the best two-day tour in Wuhan? What are the must see spots?

Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge

Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, known as the first bridge over the Yangtze River, is the first river crossing bridge on the Yangtze River, and the first road rail dual-purpose bridge built on the Yangtze River after the founding of new China.

Hankou Beach

Hankou beach, with an area of 1.6 million square meters, enjoys the largest beach in Asia. It is a favorite weekend resort for Wuhan citizens.

Address: Yanjiang Avenue, Jiangan District

Admission: Free

Opening hours: all day

Wuhan East Lake ocean world

Sea animal show

In the sea animal theater of Wuhan East Lake ocean world, every day, there are grey sea lion stars from Africa, Mr. Feifei, Miss Aoao, and seals from Northeast China, Mr. Dongdong and miss ChuChu, who are from Northeast China, present to you 'headstand', 'water pattern loop', acrobatic performance 'rolling barrel', 'imitation show', 'water head ball', Shaolin's unique martial arts' one finger zen 'and' three step layup 'nose tip shot A series of wonderful performances, such as "ball", "jump ball in the air" and so on

Diving performance

720 degree somersault, one handed handstand rotation, Avalokitesvara meditation, breath holding, fairies scattering flowers, divers with national two-star qualification will bring a series of equipment display performances. Behind him is a yellow cylinder that stores compressed pure air. In addition, the divers will also lead the sharks out to dance with the sharks and display the spectacular scene of fish fighting for food. The country's first classic dance of marine animals -- shark cartilage dance, ray belly dance, turtle waltz, all show the body shape of marine animals, elegant demeanor.

Mermaid Theater

Among them, there is a kind of marine mammal called the sea bull. It floats in the water in a horizontal position, and its fins extend to the side and front. It looks like a person swimming in the water, so it is called a mermaid. In the legend, the mermaid is like a man in the upper body and a fish in the lower body. It often stands in the water on a moonlit night, like a man or a fairy. There are many legends about Mermaid all over the world. They are beautiful and moving. Among them, the "daughter of the sea" in Andersen's fairy tales is the most touching. The mermaid not only touched the hearts of countless people, but also gave the seafarers wandering in the sea with beautiful expectations and wishes. We let the beautiful female divers in the ocean world wear colorful Mermaid costumes and dress up as mermaids in the fairy tale the daughter of the sea. Her skin is like rose petals, her eyes are like blue lake water, and she has a beautiful fish tail. She is free to chase and swim with all kinds of fish, playing and playing, forming a beautiful picture of fish music. Tourists are in the scene, which will make you enter a wonderful fairy tale world.

Penguin Pavilion

Wuhan East Lake ocean world Penguin Pavilion, with an area of more than 500 square meters, is divided into two parts: the observation hall and the breeding hall. The exhibition hall is decorated with cement, white paint and other building materials into a polar landscape of ice and snow. It can accommodate more than 400 people. It is the largest penguin breeding hall in China. In addition to the eye-catching penguin, polar bear and walrus sculptures, there is an Eskimo ice cave with fantastic lights. Penguin House is about 70 square meters, built in accordance with the Antarctic environment, divided into two activity areas, shore and water. The blue cement 'land' is polished very smooth because penguins' feet are vulnerable to injury on rough ground. The white 'glacier' gives people a cool and comfortable feeling. Penguins usually eat, sleep and play on the land. If they are tired of playing, they can plunge into the water and swim. Their every move can be seen clearly through the wide floor glass.

Guiyuan Buddhist Temple

Come to Wuhan not only to learn about the city and the history, but also to understand the Buddhist culture. Just come to Guiyuan temple, which has a history of more than 300 years. There are countless pilgrims who come to Wuhan every day. There are great rituals every year. There are free explanations in the temple every morning, noon and evening, which can help you better understand the Buddhist culture. The old master Changming in the temple is one of the only two masters of calligraphy interpretation in China; Every tablet and couplet of Guiyuan temple is also worth pondering. Share a couplet. The first one is to do what you see and put it down. The second one: wisdom is born of consciousness. It is born in freedom or in nothingness. You can make a good understanding by yourself. The following is a true picture of the Buddha light in Guiyuan temple in January, 2016.

"Bosom friend"

A retro cruise ship, a water museum, and the first floating theater on the Yangtze River. From the wharf, cheongsam, long gown, retro newspaper, all the elements will take you back to Hankou in 1920s.

Address: between Wufu road and Siwei Road, Jianghan District

Performance time: 19:30 every Tuesday to Sunday

Two rivers Cruise

Take a luxury cruise in the Yangtze River and enjoy the cultural and historical scenic spots and ancient buildings on both sides of the Strait.

Location: Hankou river beach zhiyinhao wharf, Wuhan port 23 wharf, Hankou Yuehan wharf, Hongxiang wharf, Hanjiang Qiaokou Wharf

Yellow Crane Tower

The Yellow Crane Tower, which enjoys the reputation of "the first tower of the world's rivers and mountains", stands towering over the Snake Mountain in Wuchang. It was built in the Three Kingdoms, and its reputation began to gain popularity in the Tang Dynasty. There are countless poems written by celebrities of past dynasties.

Address: No.1 xishanpo, Sheshan, Wuchang District

Admission: 70 yuan / person

Opening hours: 08:00-18:20