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How many of the five summer resorts in Henan have you been to?

Recently, it has entered July, and the midsummer season has come. The first press conference of China (Henan) climate tourism resort 'summer tourism destination' was held in Zhengzhou, officially announcing the selection results. Do you know which places are on the list? Is there your city?

Summer resort in Henan

Shuanglong Bay

Eighteen miles of waterways and thirty miles of green mountains. Shuanglongwan town of Lushi County is located in the East vein of Qinling Mountains and the upper source of Luohe River. Affected by the topography and climate zone, Shuanglongwan town of Lushi County is cool and cool in summer with an average rainfall of 95mm. The beautiful water of Luohe River flows through the mountains in the shape of's', meeting with the big and small dragon heads. The green mountains contain secluded Gorges, and the green waters surround the green mountains. The mountains are towering because of the water, and the water is beautiful because of the mountains, Around Jiuzhai, rainbow world's reputation.

Tianhe Grand Canyon

"A mountain embraces thousands of scenery, and a Valley contains hundreds of beauties.". Tianhe Grand Canyon is located in the Yangtze River basin with beautiful environment. Its unique small plateau climate makes it cool and cool in summer. The average wind speed in summer is 2m / s. The light wind is warm and comfortable. It is known as "Central Plains Little Tibet". In this place where there are mountains and water, you can enjoy the scenery and the breeze. Tianhe Grand Canyon is leading the new fashion of summer care with its aestheticism and clear spirit.

White Cloud Mountain

There are many white clouds in the mountains. The summer of Baiyun Mountain in Song county is cool and dreamy. The average total cloud cover in summer is more than 70% and the forest coverage rate is more than 98.5%. This not only makes Baiyun Mountain have a fantastic and misty beauty, but also the hot and hot sunshine is properly blocked. Good climate conditions, complete plant community, stone, water, cave, forest, flowers, birds and each other reflect each other. It's worth a walk and go tour, when you are quiet in the depths of white clouds Wandering in the light!


'Lingshan is beautiful, and the air and water are dense. "A section of beautiful Funiu Mountain myths and legends has covered the mountain peaks here with a mysterious veil. In summer, Yao mountain has gained more coolness because of its numerous mountains and valleys. It can be said that it is like spring in the morning, autumn in the afternoon and early winter in the night. The forest coverage rate is 97%, the climate is mild and the air is humid. In the core scenic area, the measured negative oxygen ion concentration is more than 3000 per cubic centimeter. When you enter Yaoshan mountain when the heat wave comes, you will surely forget to go back and deeply intoxicate you.


The first cave in the world is Wangwushan, Yugong's hometown. Excellent altitude, so that you arrived here to find that the cool summer, can be so simple. Here is a sea of clouds surrounded by dreams and illusions. The forest coverage rate here is more than 98%. The green trees cover the sky. The air is filled with refreshing comfort. The sunshine is not impetuous and the scenery is unique. Give your summer holiday to Wangwushan, and listen to his cool summer stories.