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The Spanish wildfire has burned 20000 hectares of forest. What is the cause of the fire?

In recent years, due to the high temperature weather, many areas have been affected by mountain fires. Recently, mountain fires broke out in taragona, Toledo and Avila in central and northern Spain. According to the statistics of Spanish fire department, as of June 30, the accumulated forest area burned by mountain fires in various places exceeded 10000 hectares.

Recently, extreme high temperature weather has occurred continuously in the European continent. The temperature in Spain, Germany, France, Poland and other places has exceeded the highest temperature recorded in summer. Affected by this, a serious fire broke out in Catalonia, Spain. Although hundreds of firefighters tried to put out the fire, the fire was still not controlled. The official preliminary analysis of the cause of the fire was the spontaneous combustion of compost caused by hot weather, and predicted that the current fire will eventually expand to 20000 hectares. Experts say the occurrence of extreme weather is a natural phenomenon, which can not be simply attributed to climate warming, but climate change does make the occurrence of extreme weather more frequent.

Taragona Province, in the Catalonia autonomous region of northeastern Spain, was the most severely affected by the wildfire, with a total of about 6000 hectares of forest burned. So far, the fire has been burning for four days, more than 350 firefighters and helicopters have been put out, and the Spanish Ministry of agriculture, fisheries and food has also sent planes to reinforce the fire.

Catalonia Fire Department announced on the evening of 29, the mountain fire has been initially controlled. At present, many open fires on hillsides have been put out, but there are still thick white smoke tens of meters high in some places.

In several other areas of Spain where wildfires broke out, 500 to 2000 hectares of forest were also burned, and more than 400 residents were evacuated. Toledo Fire Department said that the mountain fire which started burning near Toledo on the 28th is still dangerous and 150 people are fighting the fire there.

The recent extreme weather in gondola, including the high temperature in tarado, is believed to be the main reason for the extreme temperature exceeding 42 degrees centigrade in Spain.