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China's air conditioning power consumption is the first in the world, how to use the most energy-sav

There is a topic on Weibo: "China's air conditioning power consumption is the first in the world". Think about this is not only the power consumption, but also the electricity cost. If you don't turn on the air conditioner, you can't sleep well. If you turn on the air conditioner, you use more electricity. So, do you know how to use air conditioner to save electricity?

1. Master the skill of temperature regulation

Air conditioning should not frequently adjust the temperature, one-time adjustment is OK, it is best to adjust to the body temperature, not too high or too low. For example, set the temperature 1 ℃ higher in refrigeration and 2 ℃ lower in heating. Don't underestimate the temperature difference. It will save more than 10% of electricity.

2. Do not switch on and off the air conditioner frequently

If you just go out for a while, you'd better not turn off the air conditioner. You know, the air conditioner costs more electricity when it's on and off than when it's on all the time. For example, within an hour, the temperature should be properly adjusted to 1-2 degrees, so that the air conditioner will be more energy-saving. When the air conditioner is started, it is the most power consuming.

3. Good use of automatic and sleep modes

Many people like to manually adjust the air volume and direction of the air conditioner. In fact, it is recommended to use the automatic mode in the daytime. The automatic mode will select the most appropriate air volume and wind direction according to the room conditions. After the room is cool, it will control the power consumption and maintain the set temperature; Using the sleep function at night, after people fall asleep for a certain time, the air conditioner will automatically adjust the indoor temperature, which can save electricity by 20%.

4. Keep the air conditioner clean

In order to maintain good refrigeration and heating effect, the filter screen and heat sink of air conditioner need to be cleaned frequently, which is easy to be ignored by many people, which is also a prerequisite for energy saving and power saving of air conditioning. With the use of air conditioning for a long time, a lot of dirt and dust will be generated inside the heat exchanger, which will cause the heat sink to stick, reduce the air volume, and reduce the heat exchange efficiency. Finally, the power consumption will increase by about 10%.