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Why should the Palace Museum shout three times when it opens in the morning?

Speaking of the famous tourist attractions, I believe you can think of the Forbidden City in Beijing as the first reaction. The Forbidden City is not only the spiritual wealth of the Chinese people, but also the cultural heritage of the whole world. Many tourists have been to the Palace Museum to admire its magnificent buildings. Perhaps you have heard that the staff of the palace museum need to shout three times before opening the palace gate every day. Why shout three times?

The Palace Museum is located in Beijing, the capital of China. Every year, it can receive many tourists from all over the world, providing visitors with the splendid wooden buildings in China. Because of the Forbidden City, Beijing is becoming more and more famous in tourism.

Professional explanation given by the staff. According to the staff's explanation, the Palace Museum has been preserved from ancient times to the present, with a long history and profound cultural heritage. In order to protect the buildings in the Forbidden City, some kittens are often kept to catch other animals in the palace.

In order to prevent the palace from being damaged, we yelled three times in advance, which not only protected the safety of the palace, but also let some small animals make way for the staff. For example, a cat is lying on the door of the palace and shouts three times, which can effectively avoid the cat. If the animal suddenly breaks out, the staff may be frightened or even bitten. The safety of the staff is very important. According to some folk sayings, the Palace Museum is covered with mystery. Some tourists think that the reason why the staff of the Palace Museum yell three times is to embolden themselves, but it is not.

There are a lot of palaces in the Forbidden City. If only relying on human resources to protect them, there may be places that are not well protected. Keeping some royal cats will be beneficial to the protection of the palace. You need to open the Palace door in the morning and shout three times as a reminder to cats and other animals. When animals hear the sound, they may take refuge in an emergency. When the staff pass the hall, they can pass safely without any other safety problems.