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7. How about going to Shangri La for summer vacation in August? What kind of scenery can I see when

Shangri la is also recognized as one of the summer resorts in China. In July and August every year, many parts of the country are in hot summer. However, Shangri La is like spring, and it is still cold in rainy days. At this time, when you come to Shangri La, you can breathe the freshest air, enjoy the most comfortable sunshine and rain, enjoy the most dazzling meadow flower sea, and experience the fairy tale world in dreams. So, do you know how to go to Shangri La? 7. What can Shangri La see in August?

From the middle and late June to the end of August in Shangri La, hundreds of wild flowers, such as primrose, chamaejasme, Gesang flower, corydalis, Lulang flower, buckwheat flower, bangjinmei flower, blue poppy, Daisy, lavender, yellow head flower, Persian chrysanthemum, inverted teapot, Trollius, iris, Polygonum multiflorum, Pugongying and other wild flowers will take turns in Shangri La to make Shangri La famous It's a real garden.

The meadow is full of wild flowers

Shangri La in summer is a season full of vitality and strength of the earth. The snow on the top of the mountain is twined with white clouds and mist, like hada covered by gods; the mountains are green and green, and the thick primitive forest is like an upright sword, and the thick branches are like a green umbrella for blessing human life; the poetic and picturesque exhibition of Bazi in the middle of the mountains constitutes a landscape painting with light and heavy makeup. The scenery and amorous feelings scattered in the nature are intoxicating. The meadow, river, crops, pine and cypress, wild flowers, follow the sunshine and bring the scenery to people's eyes. In the eyes, there are flying birds and sparrows, and leisurely swaying cattle, sheep and horses, giving people life.

Nowadays, as soon as the curtain call of rhododendrons on the mountain has just finished, countless wild flowers can't wait to make their debut, which indicates that Shangri La has officially entered the wild flower season. In July, Shangri La put on the most gorgeous coat, everywhere green grass into a blanket, everywhere flowers into the sea. Colorful flowers compete with each other to show their beauty in the best two or three months of the year.

Wujing Township, Shangri La City

Every year, July and August is one of the most beautiful seasons in Shangri La. The everywhere alpine meadows, meadows and Haizi become lush and vigorous. Like colorful carpets, Shangri La is dressed like a fairyland. The blue sky, peaceful snow mountains, bright mirror lakes, gurgling streams, fertile water plants, flocks of cattle and sheep, wild flowers everywhere, and pleasant temperature draw the beauty of Shangri La.