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Is children's free admission in scenic spots depend on their height or age? Finally, there is the an

Now many people like parent-child travel, but many people know that there are free tickets for children in some scenic spots, but the standard is different. Sometimes three-year-old children also need to buy tickets. What's the matter? What should children do with free tickets? Recently, we have the answer.

On the afternoon of June 24, the Yangtze River Delta Consumer Protection Commission Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the 'Alliance') held a joint consumption survey results Conference on children's free ticket rules in major scenic spots, proposing that both height and age should be taken into consideration when implementing the children's free ticket rule in scenic spots in the region. This initiative has been actively responded to by more than 200 scenic spots such as Shanghai Center Tower, Shanghai Disney, Jiangsu Zhouzhuang, Wuxi Lingshan scenic spot, Zhejiang XiXi Wetland, Hangzhou Oriental Culture Park, Anhui Xidi scenic spot, Anhui Mount Huangshan scenic spot and so on.

According to statistics, the Yangtze River Delta has become the preferred destination for 62.3% of consumers. In order to promote the integration of regional consumption policies and the high-quality development of tourism industry, the Alliance launched a joint consumption survey on children's free ticket rules in major scenic spots on June 1. The survey results show that there are great differences in children's free ticket rules among different types of scenic spots in the Yangtze River Delta. In order to ensure the traffic efficiency, most scenic spots take children's height as the free ticket standard, and only 6.2% of the scenic spots adopt the height and age into consideration, while the foreign scenic spots are basically based on the age. With the development of economy and society, the height of children of the same age is becoming more and more common, which leads to a lot of consumption disputes. Taking height as the single standard of children's free ticket is not in line with the growth law of minors.

Shanghai center Shanghai top standard adult fare, 180 yuan / bit, 1 meters below (inclusive) of children free of charge, 1.0-1.4 meters children half price concessions. That is to say, according to the previous policy, children under the age of 3 are free. As for how to define whether a child is 3 years old, according to the general method, it is a height line of 1.0 meters. "Shao Zhuqing explained that after July 1, if your child is under 3 years old (inclusive), but his height is more than 1.0 meters, it doesn't matter. You should bring a valid ID card, preferably an ID card with a photo of the child. If you show the ID card when you buy a ticket, you can also enjoy free tickets.

In order to listen to consumers' opinions and suggestions on children's free tickets in scenic spots, members of the alliance conducted online consumer surveys simultaneously. The results showed that 22.5% of consumers said that the free ticket rules for children in scenic spots were not explicit and not clear enough; 19.3% of consumers said that there was a big difference in the free ticket rules; 50.1% of consumers said that the height limit of free tickets was not in line with the actual situation. At the same time, 27.6% of consumers think that children's free ticket rules should be based on their age, and 63.9% of consumers think that children's height and age can be free if they meet one of the two. The practice of taking into account age and age as the criterion for height has been recognized by the vast majority of consumers.