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What are some interesting places in Lhasa? How much does it cost to travel to Lhasa?

When it comes to Lhasa, many people will like to travel. Lhasa is a sacred place. Once a traveler said that one must go to Tibet once in his life, and Lhasa is also a part of Tibet. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to come to Lhasa, how much will it cost to travel to Lhasa? What's interesting about Lhasa?

How much does it cost to travel to Lhasa

Because everyone's travel situation is different, some are a family, some are lovers, and some are alone, so let's talk about one person traveling to Lhasa. If it's an ordinary self-help tour, it won't be too luxurious. The transportation means can be train, and the travel cost is about 1400 yuan. For accommodation, you can choose some local common standards. The price of off-season is only about 150 yuan. Every night, 10 nights is 1500 yuan. According to 100 yuan per day, 10 days is 1000 yuan; If you go to some scenic spots, it will save time to charter a bus. If you add the ticket, it will cost about 900 yuan. If you buy a souvenir, it will cost 600 yuan. In this case, the total cost is about 6500 yuan. Of course, this is only for reference.

What's interesting about Lhasa

As we all know, potala palace is famous for its beautiful scenery and cultural heritage. Dazhao temple is also a scenic spot not to be missed. Dazhao temple and its surrounding areas are the cultural and economic center of Tibet, the source of Lhasa's development, and the destination of Tibetan Buddhist pilgrimage. Every morning and evening, many worshippers gather in front of the dazhaosi square and turn around the bakuo street. And bakuo street is a free scenic spot without admission. There are thousands of kinds of goods here, good and bad are intermingled, we should pay attention to distinguish carefully, don't be cheated. Here, Tibetans basically move clockwise, and follow them, especially when there are many people, it will be much smoother.

If you have decided to travel to Lhasa, please remember to be prepared before departure, especially to prevent altitude sickness.