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What are the 5A scenic spots in Beijing? A list of 5A scenic spots in Beijing

Beijing is the capital of China, and also the center of political and economic exchanges in China. There is also a fact that Beijing is one of the four ancient capitals. Every year, many people want to visit this prosperous metropolis to see its prosperity. So, do you know what are the 5A scenic spots in Beijing? What are the special features of these scenic spots?

1. The Palace Museum

There are not many museums in the Forbidden City. This is one of the scenic spots that must be visited in Beijing. It is also a national 5A tourist attraction. Its architecture is magnificent, and there are many historical relics and collections. If you want to visit the Palace Museum in depth, you'd better spend a day, and you'd better hire an interpreter, so that you can understand more deeply.

2. Summer Palace

The summer palace, one of the four famous gardens in China, is the largest and most well preserved Royal Garden in China. Most tourists must visit here when they come to Beijing. The environment in the park is very elegant and you can see many precious cultural relics. You can choose to take a boat tour in the park, which is both relaxed and comfortable.

3. Badaling Great Wall

To come to Beijing is bound to climb the Great Wall, the Great Wall is not equal to not to Beijing, this is a pity, the Badaling Great Wall is the most beautiful section of the the Badaling Great Wall, the scenery is beautiful and magnificent, most tourists will choose to climb this section, it is very exhausting, also has the ropeway can choose, visitors friends can decide according to their needs.

4. Mutianyu Great Wall

Compared with the Badaling Great Wall, many people think that the scenery of Mutianyu Great Wall is more beautiful. There are relatively few tourists here, but the tourism experience is better. The terrain of Mutianyu Great Wall is dangerous and the architectural style is unique. You can also experience the "dry land sled", a very exciting way to go down the mountain. If you are interested, you can experience it.

5. Temple of heaven

The temple of heaven is also one of the most popular scenic spots in Beijing. Its popularity is not as popular as the Forbidden City. The main buildings to see at the temple of heaven are the prayer hall and echo wall. If you want to take some domineering photos, you must go to the hall of praying for good luck, but you must avoid the crowd. This magnificent building, with its profound cultural heritage, is worth seeing.

6. Prince Gong's residence

It used to be the residence of a corrupt official and Kun. Later, it was given to Prince Gong several times. Therefore, it was named 'Prince Gong's house'. It is a well preserved palace. The mansion is magnificent and its luxury is amazing. There are 108 rooms specially used for storing accounts and things. It is true that 'I have some in the palace, but I have something not in the Palace'.

7. Ming Tombs

The area of the Ming Tombs is very large. It is suggested that an interpreter be invited to explain the historical stories of the Ming Tombs. Here is the general name of the tombs of the 13 emperors of the Ming Dynasty. The environment of the mausoleums is good. You can visit the magnificent buildings and learn about the relevant history of the ancient emperors' funerals.

8. Olympic Park

This is the place where the 2008 Olympic Games will be held. Famous venues such as the bird's nest and the water cube are here. They are also new landmarks in Beijing. Many tourists will come here to take photos to commemorate them. Fortunately, they can also see sports events and performances. Some entertainment items in the venues can also be experienced.

As for the five-a scenic spots in Beijing, we will list them for you to play. You can visit these 5A scenic spots according to your own preference, but you can't miss the scenic spots such as the Forbidden City and the Great Wall.