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Where to go in summer vacation? Inventory of 13 places suitable for parents and children in China

Now people are more like to travel, soon to the annual summer vacation, might as well with their children to a tour! Not only can we enhance our feelings with our children, but also some people say that travel will make children more brave and independent. In fact, all of them are right. Travel will help children understand nature more quickly and be influenced by the magnificent mountains and rivers of our motherland. So, take advantage of this summer vacation, we must take our children out for a walk. Here are some good places for parents and children to travel

1. Shandan horse farm key words: stimulate courage, challenge independence

This is the largest horse farm in the world. Shandan military horse farm is located in the middle of Hexi Corridor and the northern foot of lenglong mountain of Qilian Mountain, with a total area of 3.2954 million mu. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, it occupied the first place in the world in the field of HEMA.

Shandan military horse farm is not only the best parent-child experience scenic spot, but also the best place for everyone to ride.

Children who come into contact with horses are always delicate and brave. From a little fear at the beginning to galloping on horseback in the prairie, children overcome not only fear, but also learn to exchange trust with animals.

Here are the spectacular Qilian Mountains in the northwest. The sky is blue sky above, and the vast grassland of the motherland is at the foot. The sky is low and the clouds are flowing. This environment is the best gift given to us by nature. Not only children, we all have a dream of riding on horseback and galloping on the grassland. The best freedom is open-minded, yearning for nature, so how can we miss it?

2. Badain Jaran Desert

In the desert, no one dares to fall behind; in the desert, you can only choose to face it bravely. The desert is not a coward. In many people's impression, the desert is full of danger. Badain Jaran Desert is such a place, but it is more magnificent and beautiful, which makes people forget to leave.

You can climb up the sand mountain with your children, and then slowly slide down with passion. We can find the green life in the desert with our children, care for them and be grateful for them. It's also a good place for parent-child interaction in the yellow sand all over the sky. Let's put on all kinds of shapes and bring enough beautiful clothes. Let's have a group of best pictures for children and yourself.

3. Yellow River Stone Forest key words: magnificent challenge

All the people in the stone forest of the Yellow River are familiar with it. Zhang Liang and Zhang Liang live in the northwest farmyard every day at the wind collecting point of the Northwest Station of "where is my father?" this is the charm of the stone forest of the Yellow River.

The stone forest dwellings on the Yellow River are the most simple. They live under tile roofed houses, sit in the courtyard, pick the freshest ingredients from the vegetable garden, and share this rare life with the children.

The beauty of the Yellow River stone forest is actually very simple, the Yellow River, the stone forest and the people who live there. The stone forest with a drop of two or three hundred meters is a marvelous work of nature. It is the wisdom of Chinese people for thousands of years to drift on the Yellow River on a sheepskin raft. We can experience the rich folk customs along the way by riding a donkey cart.

When you stand on the top of the stone forest, the children will yell. All the beauty seems to be expressed only by voice, and you can hold up the camera to leave the most beautiful moment for the child.

Chaka Salt Lake key words: the scenery of the sky is magnificent and beautiful

Chaka Salt Lake is called the "mirror of the sky" by tourists, and is called "four major sceneries of Qinghai" together with the Ta'er temple, Qinghai Lake and Mengda Tianchi. It is rated as one of the 55 places one must visit in one's life "by National Tourism Geography Magazine. Of course, there is a more important reason why Chaka Salt Lake is listed as a scenic spot for parent-child experience. Life can never be separated from nature. Take children to understand that our edible salt was originally taken from the earth. Should we be grateful and protect the earth we live on.

Chaka Salt Lake is different from other salt lakes in that Chaka Salt Lake is a brine lake with solid and liquid coexisting, inlaid in snow mountain grassland rather than on Gobi desert. The salt lake is broad and silvery. White clouds in the sky, distant Cangshan towering, blue sky, white clouds, snow mountain into the lake, picturesque. Around the grass like grass, sheep like pearls. Walking on the lake is like entering the world of salt.

5. Gulangyu key words: romantic, relaxed and happy

Even if you become a parent later, you still have a fresh literary dream about Xiamen. It's as if your youth is missing a corner, you have to find that piece of debris here to make up for it. If you have never teased a cat in Gulangyu Island, lived in an inn here, or watched a complete sunset and sunrise with your children here, you will always feel in debt to yourself.

Gulangyu is really like spring in all seasons. It is beautiful and charming. It is not as noisy as the city, but it has so many birds and flowers. It is worthy of her reputation as a "garden on the sea".

The childhood you miss and the youth you fail to live up to can be made up for by children. In any romantic and childlike cafe, childlike green and astringent, happy and quiet.

6. Pingtan Island key words: gentle, delicate and romantic

Like Gulangyu Island, Pingtan Island and Gulangyu Island are both tourist attractions in Fujian Province. Pingtan Island is different from Gulangyu Island. It is not as romantic and literary as Gulangyu, but it has more natural portraits.

Blue tears is her best natural portrait. The natural beauty of Pingtan Island has earned her the reputation of "Maldives" in Fujian Province. It may not be so well known, maybe not everyone thinks it is worth going to, or it may not be the preferred destination for seaside vacation. However, it retains a large number of ancient houses on Minnan island. Its beach is soft and tender after the first kiss, and its windmill field is like the animation world written by xinhaicheng.

People who like the sea do not necessarily understand that there is a quiet fluorescent party under the night. The beach is covered with a little blue light, like a meteor accidentally falling on the sea. This is blue tears. Pingtan Island summer night often have Oh, but also look at the character.

7. Jiuzhaigou key words: Gorgeous fairy tales

As a scenic spot that must be listed on the list, Jiuzhaigou is undoubtedly because it is so hot that people all over the country know it. Jiuzhaigou gives all the older children and children a new fairy tale dream.

The main protected objects of Jiuzhaigou National Nature Reserve are giant panda, golden monkey and other rare animals and their natural ecological environment. There are 74 species of rare plants under state protection, 18 species of national protected animals, and abundant fossil fossils and ancient glaciers.

Jiuzhaigou is suitable for summer. The cool high altitude just avoids the hot summer. Jiuzhaigou is also suitable for all people, so it deserves to be a parent-child tourist attraction.

Key words of Lijiang River

Summer can be said to be the best tourist season in Guilin, when the water level is high enough, you can enjoy the water in Lijiang River; the sunshine is strong enough, you can take invincible scenery.

What's more, Guilin's "green mountains, beautiful water, strange caves and beautiful stones" have long been well-known around the world, and people can never tire of seeing them.

In the hot sun to hide in the secluded cave to watch the grotesque stones in the cave, that cool is indescribable comfortable.

Key words of Sanya: sunshine, warm beach

Sanya should be on the list, Sanya should be spoiled by God. God has given Sanya the most pleasant climate, the freshest air, the warmest and warmest sunshine, the most blue and enchanted sea water, the softest and delicate beach, and the seafood that touches the human taste buds.

Sanya must be a must for parent-child tourist attractions. There is no pressure in Sanya. Playing with children must be the simplest happiness. With the children, we can have close contact with the magical ocean world, lie quietly on the beach, enjoy the sunshine, and listen to the sound of the ocean.

10. Lijiang key words: comfortable, romantic and warm

Walking into Lijiang, walking into a wonderful journey. Walking in the ancient city of Lijiang, the capital of sexual encounter; enjoying the ancient simplicity and tranquility of Shuhe ancient town and experiencing the Naxi style; watching Zhang Yimou's "impression & bull; Lijiang"; experiencing the thrill of Tiger Leaping Gorge from zero distance contact with Jinsha River; enjoying the marvelous sight of "three Parallel Rivers" in the first bay of Yangtze River.

Lijiang is indeed a scenic spot worth taking children to travel with. Lugu Lake, Lijiang ancient city, Yulong Snow Mountain and Tiger Leaping Gorge can be visited in Lijiang within a short distance. Spring flowers in full bloom, cool summer summer, autumn, sunny winter, all are good choices.

Slow down and feel the serenity and holiness of Lugu Lake, misty misty waves, clear water and blue sky, just like the 'Plateau Pearl' inlaid in the mysterious top. Walking through the ancient city of Lijiang, love and adventure interweave, carrying a full of affection and sensibility.

Qinghai Lake key words: beautiful and spectacular

Qinghai Lake, blue sea, lakeside mountains and waters, beautiful scenery, blue waves and blue sky. Summer and autumn are the hot spots of parent-child tourism. There are a large number of tourists every year. It is a hot spot for parent-child tourism.

Qinghai Lake has a large area of farmland, neat as flowers, colorful intertwined, wheat waves rolling with the wind when thousands of miles.

Rape flowers in full bloom is romantic fragrance. Travel is an irreplaceable growth course.