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Where to go for island tourism? Zhejiang island is your choice

Now many people like to travel, and the most suitable place to go in summer is the island, blowing the sea breeze quietly daze, even if this is also very enjoy. There are many islands that can't be missed in Zhejiang. They are suitable for vacation. Which island in Zhejiang is the most interesting? Which island in Zhejiang is the most cost-effective?

Which island in Zhejiang is the most interesting

Flower and Bird Island

The flower and bird island is located in the northernmost part of Shengsi archipelago. Its shape is like a seagull spreading its wings to fly. The island is covered with flowers and plants, and the forest is beautiful. Therefore, it is called flower and bird island. The tiger cave, Yunwu cave and ape cave on huaniao island are also one of the most beautiful sceneries. It is said that Yunwu cave can reach the bottom of the sea. Dongya Nanchang is a good place to watch the waves. It is close to the sea, with high winds and high waves.

Dachen Island

Dachen island is quite small, and not many people know it. It is characterized by beautiful natural scenery of seaport, sea erosion landscape like animals, rich and diverse forest landscape, legendary historical sites and excellent natural bathing beach. The most famous beach is wushatou beach, which is close to the mountain and near the sea. It is wide and wide, with black sand and clear water.

East pole Island

Because the Dongji Island, which is a big commodity in "no time to meet later", must be recommended. Its original ecological scenery is very charming. The island almost covers the real sunshine, blue sea, islands and reefs, and seafood. And the climate is pleasant, the water is clear, is a rare pure place, also known as' Lijiang on the sea 'by literature and art.

Yushan Islands

Yushan archipelago has the reputation of "the first fishing ground in Asia". It is rich in fish, shellfish and algae resources. The first impression of Yushan island is the fresh air, which makes people feel relaxed and happy. The blue sky and blue sea make the island more beautiful.

About which island in Zhejiang is cheap to consume, Xiaobian has made some recommendations for you. The above recommendations are quite good. Compared with Sanya in Hainan, these islands are relatively small, the scenery is beautiful, and the consumption is not as expensive as Sanya.