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What are the characteristics of Jiangxi cuisine? A review of Jiangxi's major specialty food lists

Jiangxi Province is also famous in China. It is a red revolutionary city. With the development of the times, the economy has not stopped its pace. Of course, Jiangxi cuisine is also unique, so, do you know what Jiangxi cuisine has?

Jiangxi cuisine

1. Pingxiang stir fried pork

Pingxiang fried meat is delicious and spicy. It is a typical famous dish of Han nationality in Pingxiang, Jiangxi Province. Its main ingredients are streaky pork and lean meat; the ingredients are salt, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, stock, dried chili powder, garlic, garlic seeds and soy sauce. Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province, is located at the junction of Jiangxi and Hunan provinces. Its taste is influenced by Hunan cuisine and has its own unique characteristics. It is usually famous for its spicy flavor. Pingxiang stir fried meat, which is a daily dish on the table of every Pingxiang family, tastes sour and sweet, sweet or spicy, and its soup is extremely delicious!

2. Earthen pot soup

Pot soup, that is, stewed soup, "pot fragrant boiling, elegant everywhere; a pot of simmered soup, the world is strange fresh.". Today's pot soup is famous in Nanchang area of Jiangxi Province. As a representative of Jiangxi cuisine, it has a history of more than 1000 years. Tile pot soup is the best way to simmer nutritious soup, and it is also the best choice of diet for supplementing nutrition, strengthening body and tonifying deficiency, invigorating intelligence and refreshing, and health care.

3. Nanchang mixed flour

When talking about Nanchang noodles, many people may say that there are all kinds of noodles. Why is Nanchang noodles so famous? Nanchang mixed noodles are made by boiling rice noodles in boiling water and then mixing with various seasonings. Because Nanchang's noodles are different from those of other places, they are particularly tough and taste very different. Therefore, Nanchang mixed noodles are very famous.

4. Three cup chicken

Sanbei chicken is a famous local dish in Jiangxi Province, which is said to be related to the national hero Wen Tianxiang. It is named after rice wine, lard and soy sauce instead of soup. This dish is usually made of Sanhuang chicken and other ingredients. After the dish is finished, the meat flavor is strong, sweet with salty, salty with fresh. The taste is flexible and chewy. Sanbei chicken originated in Jiangxi Province, and later spread to Taiwan Province, becoming a representative dish of Taiwan cuisine. Among them, Ningdu Sanbei chicken, Nanchang Sanbei chicken and Wanzai Sanbei chicken are the most famous and representative in Jiangxi Province. In September 2018, it was rated as one of the top ten classic dishes in Jiangxi Province.

5. Sugar cake

Sugar cake is a very old traditional snack. There are Jiangxi white sugar cake and Guangdong white sugar cake, which are totally different from each other. Jiangxi white sugar cake is a kind of traditional cake snack popular in Jiangxi. It originated in Nanchang during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. By the time of the Republic of China, this kind of white sugar cake has been a regular tea food for tea shops in Nanchang. It is known as the "five traditional famous dishes in Jiangxi". It is fragrant, soft and white, and its surface is covered with Jiangxi's unique frozen rice flour and sugar mixture It is a traditional pastry popular among people in Jiangxi Province.