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Beijing releases high temperature warning our response to high temperature weather

At 16:30 on June 22, 2019, the blue warning signal of high temperature will be issued: it is estimated that from June 23 to 24, the daily maximum temperature in most parts of Beijing will reach above 35 ℃, please pay attention to prevention. What should we do when we encounter hot weather?

1. Relevant departments and units shall make preparations for heatstroke prevention and cooling according to their responsibilities, and water and power departments and units shall pay attention to taking appropriate countermeasures;

2. Necessary protective measures should be taken for personnel who work outdoors for a long time under high temperature environment;

3. Outdoor activities should be reduced as far as possible during high temperature period; when it is necessary to go out, sun protection preparations should be made before traveling, sunshade, sunstroke prevention drugs and drinking water should be prepared;

4. For the elderly, weak, sick and young people to provide guidance on heatstroke prevention; pay attention to food hygiene and proper rest; do not blow air conditioning for a long time; do not take a shower when sweating all over.