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Where is the best place to stay in Tokyo? Five star hotels in Tokyo, Japan

Nowadays, many people like to travel abroad, so you might as well go to Japan to have a look. Of course, the first thing to consider when traveling to Japan is accommodation. As one of the famous cities in Japan, Tokyo is quite popular. Tokyo is a modern international metropolis with a large number of hotels. What five-star hotels are there in Tokyo?

1. Aman Tokyo

The first urban hotel of aman Holiday Inn, aman Tokyo arrived in Japan in December 2014, and officially joined the prosperity of tathand town. This is also the 27th holiday hotel established since aman entered the Asian field. The top six floors of the top of the 38 storey modern building, which is the symbol of fashion, is owned by Holiday Inn aman. Aman Tokyo embodies the architectural concept of combining the Japanese traditional building materials with the latest architectural technology. Aman Tokyo also has a large stone and style bath that is rarely seen in urban hotels. Let the guests enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery while immersing in the bath, and understand the unique Japanese bath culture.

2. Tokyo Shinjuku Glasgow Hotel

Tokyo Shinjuku Glasgow Hotel opened in April 2015, about 5 minutes' walk from the east entrance of JR Shinjuku Station. The location is excellent. There are many shopping places nearby. The guest room is comfortable with built-in air purifier, flat screen TV and refrigerator.

The 24-hour front desk provides dry cleaning, laundry and ironing services. There are multilingual staff. The most distinctive is the Godzilla theme suite.

3. Tokyo Shinjuku Washington Hotel

Opposite the hotel is the Tokyo Metropolitan hall, which is also close to the bustling nanshinjuku. It is a large-scale hotel suitable for sightseeing and business with many guests. It is divided into a new hall and an old one. The room space of the new hall is more spacious and the facilities are better equipped.

4. Empire Hotel Tokyo

Imperial Hotel Tokyo is located in the center of Tokyo, known for its fine tradition and long history. It is a favorite place for diplomats. All rooms in the hotel are designed luxury, elegant and noble. Imperial Hotel Tokyo opened in 1890 as a Japanese guest house for overseas guests. The location of the hotel is very superior. It only takes 5 minutes to walk to Ginza, a famous shop. It is also very convenient to visit Asakusa, Akihabara and Tokyo Disneyland. Since then, more than 110 years, has been sincere and thoughtful to provide warm and thoughtful service. Is a fusion of traditional services and first-class equipment hotel.