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How many months will Jiuzhaigou open this year? Recommendation of Jiuzhaigou interesting scenic spot

Recently, it is often seen that Jiuzhaigou has closed its scenic area due to natural disasters on the Internet. Seeing this news, people who want to visit Jiuzhaigou are not calm. Many tourists who have not been to Jiuzhaigou pay close attention to the opening hours of the scenic spot. So, when does Jiuzhaigou open? Can you catch the most beautiful season in Jiuzhaigou?

What are the interesting scenic spots in Jiuzhaigou?

Jiuzhaigou is a fairyland with natural style and unique charm, which is composed of cuihai, Diebao, Cailin, Yanyun, Xuefeng and the exotic and colorful Tibetan customs. The landscape of Jiuzhaigou is mainly distributed in shuzhenggou, rizegou and zechawa gullies. The three gullies are slightly like ya shape, and the tour time is about 7-8 hours. In the evening, you can watch the original Tibetan and Qiang ethnic customs party, one of the five wonders of Jiuzhai.

When will Jiuzhaigou open this year?

As for the opening time of Jiuzhaigou, there are often false information on the Internet, but it is not accurate. The official answer is that Jiuzhaigou scenic area is in the state of closure and post disaster recovery and reconstruction. Please wait patiently for the opening of Jiuzhaigou scenic area, and do not go blindly. If there is any new news, we will send a notice on the official website, official micro blog and official blog as soon as possible. There is no accurate information. So please wait patiently and don't listen to some rumors on the Internet.

There are also many news on the Internet that it may open in August. Visitors can pay more attention to the microblog or official news in August. Although the scenic spot is temporarily closed, the tourists' yearning for its beautiful scenery has no less enthusiasm. Just wait for a while and Jiuzhaigou will come back.

There is no exact time for Jiuzhaigou to open for a long time in 2019. Tourists should not listen to rumors on the Internet, and just wait for the official announcement of the opening time.