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What are the eight major cadres in Western Fujian? A list of eight dry specialties in Western Fujian

Fujian kills the most popular tourist province in China. West Fujian is located in the mountainous area and is rich in local food with mountain characteristics. Among them, badagan is the traditional famous food of Han nationality in Fujian Province. But do you know what the eight dried stems are?

What are the eight trunk lines in West Fujian?

1. Shanghang dried radish

Shanghang dried radish is a traditional famous dish of Han nationality in Shanghang County of Fujian Province, belonging to Fujian cuisine. It is one of the eight famous specialties in Western Fujian. As early as the early Ming Dynasty, it has a history of more than 500 years. Shanghang is the main producing area of radish in Western Fujian. The radish produced in Shuinan, Zhangtan and Tupu near the suburbs is red and white, fresh, crisp and sweet. The dried radish is golden in color, tender in skin and crisp in meat, sweet and delicious. It can be fried, stewed and fried. It can also be soaked and diluted and then added with sugar and sour vinegar for a banquet. Therefore, historical records record that it 'sells well in Fujian and Guangdong'. It is a kind of food that people like very much, and its name is widely spread at home and abroad.

2. Changting dried tofu

Changting dried bean curd is a traditional famous dish of Han nationality in Changting County, Longyan City, Fujian Province. It began in the Kaiyuan period of the Tang Dynasty and has a history of more than 1200 years. Tofu food is rich in nutrition and suitable for all ages. It has become the home cooked food of Chinese people.

3. Liancheng dried sweet potato

Liancheng County, with its unique natural environment, has a history of two or three hundred years. It is made of sweet potato cultivated in different places, such as GeTian, Gechuan, Jiele, Daping, Liwu and Hongshan, so it is also called dried sweet potato with red heart. The soil in these villages is soft, the acid and alkali are moderate, and the climate is suitable for this kind of sweet potato. This kind of sweet potato preserves its natural color and quality. The color is yellow to red. The taste is fragrant and sweet. The texture is soft and chewy. It also has high glucose and vitamin A and B content.

4. Minxi dried pork jerky

Minxi dried pork jerky is a unique traditional Chinese food of the Han nationality in Mingxi, Fujian Province. Mingxi dried pork jerky is a kind of lean pork with fresh pork hind legs, which is made by traditional technology, with clove, fennel, cinnamon, sugar and other excellent seasoning ingredients. Mingxi dried pork jerky is made by marinating the pork hind leg essence in flour soy sauce for about a week, hanging it in a ventilated place for drying, and then putting it into the curing barn to smoke and roast.

5. Ninghua dried rat

Ninghua mouse stem, actually vole stem, is made from artificially captured voles. The first method of processing dried voles is to remove the hair. The captured rats are steamed in hot water in a pot or baked in hot wood ash. As long as the temperature is controlled and warned, the mouse hair can be pulled out completely. Next is to open the abdomen to its intestines and wash them with water. Finally, the rice husk or rice bran is smoked and roasted, and the sauce yellow is ready to be roasted. The dried vole is not only delicious, but also rich in protein and nutrition. Especially, it has the function of Tonifying the kidney. It has significant curative effect on frequent urination or child bed wetting, so it has certain medicinal value.

6. Fresh dried bamboo shoots

Qingliu dried bamboo shoot is a traditional famous dish of Han nationality in Sanming, Fujian Province. The bamboo shoots are made from bamboo shoots by shelling, boiling, pressing, drying or drying. The bamboo shoots are made by hand without any auxiliary materials and have a unique flavor. It is a pure green natural food. Because of its thick meat, wide slice, dense section, golden color, translucent, delicious, fragrant, crisp and tender, it is one of the "Bamin mountain delicacies" and enjoys a long reputation among famous seasonings at home and abroad. Local people often take dried bamboo shoots as gifts for relatives and friends and famous dishes for banquet.

7. Wuping dried pig bile

Wuping dried pig bile is a famous and special product created by Hakka people in Wuping County, Fujian Province. Wuping pig gall liver processing material selection is unique, the production process is many and elegant, the production of seasonal and regional is very strong. It has beautiful appearance, purple brown color, taste of 'fragrant, sweet, sweet, bitter, mellow, clear' and so on. It is a famous cold dish for banquets. In terms of health, it has the functions of promoting body fluid, invigorating stomach, clearing heat, detoxifying and eyesight. Wuping local people often treat it as a feast for guests and friends, and as a gift to relatives and friends. It uses folk Chinese herbal medicine into the dishes, which has the effect of health care. It fully reflects the Hakka Diet Culture of regulating yin and Yang, clearing down the body, tonifying diarrhea, and integrating food and nutrition.

8. Yongding dried vegetables

Yongding dried vegetables have a history of more than 400 years. It is not only well-known in the province, but also influential among overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia. Yongding dried vegetables are divided into two types: dried beet and pickled cabbage. The color of dried beet is black and oily, and the taste is sweet and delicious. When making, the fresh mustard is washed, dried for 1-2 days, until the leaves are soft, and then fumigated with a steamer. After steaming, the mustard is dried in the sun and steamed again. This is repeated for more than three times, which is called "three steaming and three drying". Some fine processing to seven steam seven sun. Sauerkraut is yellow brown in color and tastes sour and sweet. When making, first wash the fresh mustard, then dry it in the oven with salt, knead it in the jar with salt, and make it sour. After a week or so, take out the mustard, stew and dry it in the sun, then fumigate it in a steamer, then steam it in the sun, then steam it again, steam it for more than two times and then store it. Yongding dried vegetables with meat fried, stewed, steamed, boiled are delicious.