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What's the best way to travel in Ireland? Take the top ten tourist attractions in Ireland!

Ireland is a capitalist country. Its natural environment is well maintained. It is known as "Emerald island country". The country is full of green trees and rivers. May to June is the most sunny period of the year, which is more suitable for traveling. So, do you know any interesting attractions in Ireland? What are the attractions of Bibi in Ireland?

10. Dinger Peninsula

Dingle peninsula is located in the westernmost tip of Ireland and Europe. The green landscape is covered by Bronze Age relics, prehistoric relics and more than 500 traditional stone houses. If you don't like Archaeology and history, you can enjoy the restaurants and beautiful beaches on the peninsula.

9. Kirk

Cork is the second most populous city in Ireland, after Dublin. The city has one of the largest natural seaports in the world, and cork, like Dublin and Galway, has a long and profound history, as evidenced by many ancient houses, castles and cathedrals.

8. Blarney Castle

Blarney castle is only 15 minutes' drive from cork. It is a beautiful castle, dating back to the 15th century. The most famous one is the smart words stone, which is located on the top of the castle. Tourists line up to kiss it. It is said that kissing the stone can give you eloquence.

7. Allen Islands

The Allen islands, located on the west coast of Ireland, are made up of three small islands that together have only 1200 inhabitants. The residents speak mainly Irish and have a more traditional lifestyle than the Irish on the main island.

6. Kilgenny

Kilgenny is a small city in the southwest of Dublin. The city has a history of more than 400 years. Kilkenny has a long history everywhere, but the most popular scenic spot is kilgenny castle. The castle was built in 1195.

5. Galway

It is on the west coast of Dublin. It is the site of a wonderful medieval area with a long history and is one of the largest cities in the country.

4. Kilani National Park

Kirani National Park is home to a herd of deer, many swans and otters, and many other wildlife. Visitors enjoy spending time in the park, hiking, renting bicycles or boating in the lake.

3. The ring of Carey

The ring of Kerry is a scenic ring in southwestern Ireland. This route surrounds the iverasi peninsula. Most visitors usually start and end the tour from the beautiful Killarney. There are many places of interest along the way, from ancient castles and churches to beautiful coastline panorama.

2. Mohe cliff

Not far from Galway, this impressive cliff rises 120 meters above the Atlantic Ocean and reaches a maximum height of 214 meters. From the cliff to see the ocean below, there will be incredible beauty, will make you speechless.

1. Dublin

Dublin is the capital and largest city of Ireland and the starting point for tourism across the country. Whether it's art lovers, history lovers, or tourists who just want a cold drink, the city has something to offer them.