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What is the sudden collapse of Nanning building? The truth behind the sudden collapse of Nanning bui

On the night of the 19th, what happened to the sudden collapse of Nanning building? The truth behind the collapse of Nanning building? Many netizens took a video and said that the foreign trade building at the intersection of Youai in Mingxiu was tilted sharply, which was suspected of "sudden collapse", and became a hot topic of public discussion. In this regard, the relevant departments refuted the rumor and said that the building was not collapsed, but was demolished as planned to prepare for the subsequent construction of the subway transfer station.

Yesterday morning, the reporter came to the Mingxiu Youai intersection to see that half of the building dumped in the video has been demolished, and the ground is full of steel bars and bricks. The other half of the building is still standing. The traffic flow and people flow around the building are relatively large, but the traffic is in good order. The reporter learned from XiXiangTang District requisition and demolition center that all demolition work and site cleaning work of the whole foreign trade building will be completed by the end of this month.

Mo Tao, deputy director of XiXiangTang District requisition and demolition center, said the building was not "suddenly collapsed", but was demolished as planned. Nanning rail transit group also issued a statement on the evening of 19 to refute the rumors. The demolition was not caused by the collapse of the subway construction, which was safe and controllable, and had no impact on the subway project and surrounding buildings. The building has completed the contract signing and relocation of all residents. It is demolished according to the plan to prepare for the subsequent construction of the subway.

The reporter learned that Mingxiu Road station is the transfer station between Nanning Metro Line 5 under construction and line 2 that has been put into operation. The location of the foreign trade building at the intersection of Mingxiu Youai will become the subway entrance and exit of Mingxiu Road station after the Metro Line 5 is put into operation. The foreign trade building is a commercial and residential steel concrete structure building with a total height of 8 floors. The structure of the building is more complex and there are more steel bars. Mo Tao said that after filing with the housing and construction department, the relocation office of XiXiangTang city government demolished the foreign trade building according to the plan and plan on the 19th, with complete procedures. As the demolition site is located at the intersection of Mingxiu Youai, with large traffic flow and many pedestrians during the day, in order to ensure the traffic capacity and construction safety and minimize the impact on traffic and pedestrians, the demolition plan is to break from the middle, level the half floor building first, and remove the load-bearing wall with machinery. The demolished walls are all within the scope of enclosure.

Some people also questioned whether there were corresponding protective measures and dust control measures for the demolition work? In this regard, Mo Tao said that the construction party had fenced in advance and marked as the construction site before demolition, and two sprinklers were used in the demolition work for dust reduction, but there was still a relatively large amount of dust at the moment when the building collapsed. In view of the deficiencies in the current work, it will also be improved in the subsequent demolition work. Next, XiXiangTang District requisition and demolition center will complete the demolition of the remaining half of the stairs and site cleaning before the end of this month to ensure the smooth progress of the subway construction. Content source: Sina