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What is the difference between ludiyan and Yinyan? Which is more interesting, reed flute rock or sil

Guilin is a famous tourist city. Many people come to Guilin every year. However, ludiyan and Yinyan are two famous karst caves in Guilin. When many people go to Guilin for tourism, they will tangle about which is better? After all, the caves are roughly the same, so many people want to travel. What is the difference between reed flute rock and silver rock?

Which is better, reed flute rock or silver rock

On this issue, many netizens recommend Yinyan, which is just for reference. Compared with the caves, the newer the caves are, the more beautiful they are. Ludi rock has a history of many years, which can be regarded as an older one. However, Yinyan is a relatively famous and well evaluated cave in recent years. Yinyan is a typical karst landform Many people who have been to silver rock find it the most beautiful place. The water mirror reflection is also the most popular place for tourists to take photos.

The reed flute rock was developed relatively early, and it is famous in Guilin city. It once received state leaders, commonly known as' Guobin cave '. There are a large number of exquisite stalagmites, stalagmites, stone pillars, stone curtains and stone flowers in the cave, just like a magnificent underground palace. In this part of "the old Crystal Palace", the "journey to the west" is shot in the "old version of the Crystal Palace". There are many stairs in the cave, and the ground is wet and slippery. Please pay attention to safety and wear tourist shoes.

Yinyan is better or ludiyan is better. I like it. However, some netizens still recommend Yinyan. If you have enough time, you can go to both places.