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Where is the tiktok's most popular East Lake port scenic spot? The most interesting place in Donghu

Do you know where the most popular East Lake port is on the tiktok recently? What are some interesting scenic spots in Donghu port? Donghu port is located on the Bank of Juma River in Shidu Park, Fangshan World Geopark, China. It is adjacent to Yesanpo, 106KM away from the urban area, with convenient transportation. The scenic area has a unique geology, a wide variety of animals and plants, and a pleasant scenery. The Green Sandalwood forest and the winding thousand year old vines are all over the scenic area. The winding paths are winding up and the gurgling streams are flowing under your feet, which is quite poetic.

It is famous for its high waterfalls and numerous ponds. It is also known as "Yougu cascade waterfall and Tanlin oxygen bar". The peculiar "three fold waterfall" falls 115 meters, from the daughter spring torrent straight down, water mist falling with the wind, like the Milky Way hanging on the cliff. "Tongtian ladder" is built on the steep side, which has the potential to climb the ladder and see the mountains. Climb up the 'ladder to the sky' to the famous' colorful glass plank road '. The colorful glass trestle Road, 369 meters long and more than 600 meters high, is built against the cliff. It is like a rainbow bridge leading to the clouds. It is indistinct in the clouds. Walking on it is like walking in the clouds, and you are in a fairyland.

Here, you can walk around the nature's miraculous creations, and take the 639 meter high-altitude cableway to enjoy the unique scenery of the scenic spot.

The buddy master tiktok tiktok should be familiar with the scene in the video. In the summer of summer, the experience of colorful glass rafting in East Lake harbor has become a fashion choice. The colorful glass rafting is 1680 meters long with a drop of 78 meters. It is built along the mountain. It is like a colorful rainbow hanging in the valley. This fashion sport is safe, thrilling and exciting. It will bring you a new experience of releasing passion, challenging yourself and sharing happiness.

In addition to the above mentioned, there are many interesting projects in Donghu port that you can experience for yourself.

1. Wanghongqiao

To the East Lake port, a car can see the East Lake port across the Juma River cableway bridge, called wanghong bridge. Wanghong bridge is 158 meters long across both banks of Juma River, and is the longest cable bridge in Shidu. People walk on the bridge, and the water flows under the bridge, experiencing the scene of "the breeze is continuously fragrant, the beautiful scenery is leisurely and drunk". People who cross the red bridge will experience hesitation, hesitation and fear to go forward bravely.

2. Shouquan

Shouquan is also a way to play tiktok. As loud as your shouts are, the spring will shoot as high. If you think your voice is good, don't miss this test.

3. Water curtain waterfall

4. Mandarin duck pond

Yuanyang Lake is one of the three cascades of waterfalls, where the cliffs are cool and the rocks are precipitous. It is said that once upon a time, a loving couple lived in seclusion here. They lived a plain life and were indifferent to fame and wealth. When they felt tired, they came to this pool to clean up their fatigue. After that, the water became a bathing place for them, so it was called Yuanyang pool by later generations.

5. Echo wall

Huiyinbi waterfall is the top one of the three cascades waterfall. It is also one of the famous landscapes of Donghu harbor. High waterfall flying silver, straight down the bottom of the pool, the water is fierce. Standing at the bottom of the waterfall and looking up, you can see that the "flying stream is falling three thousand feet. It is suspected that the Milky way is falling nine days.". In the hot summer, you come to huiyinbi waterfall. Will be relaxed, cool to the extreme, for you to wash away the feeling of fatigue.

6. Conch Palace

Conch palace is a huge natural palace in Donghu harbor. Although it is not as luxurious as that of the emperor's palace, it has charming emotional stories.

It is said that hailuonu lived here. Later, due to geological changes, plate movement and crustal uplift, the sea gradually receded, but she left her palace here, forming the conch palace we see today.

Bus route: take bus no.917 from overpass to Zhangfang and transfer to the commuter bus of Donghu port

Self driving route: Beijing Kunming Expressway (G5) - zhangzhuo Expressway (g95) - duya Sanpo (112) exit - T-junction right turn (10 minutes drive) - Donghu port (unimpeded route)