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Where is Shandong to enjoy Lavender? Lavender resorts in Shandong

From June to September every year is the blooming season of lavender in Shandong Province. Do you know where the best scenic spot is? What are the characteristics of these places?

Jinan Ziyuan Vanilla Garden

Address: no.11777, Century Avenue, Zhangqiu District, Jinan City

At this time, the lavender and Verbena in Jinan Ziyuan Vanilla Garden are in full bloom. The purple flower branches are particularly romantic and beautiful under the blue sky and white clouds, which is the reason why there are so many tourists in the Vanilla Garden at this time.

Speaking of lavender, Provence is the most popular, and purple edge Vanilla Garden is the introduction of French Provence lavender, compact flowers, generous branches, gorgeous color.

Jinan longjishan ecological park

Address: Gelao village, Xiying Town, Licheng District, Jinan City

Before entering the Longji ecological park, the fragrance of lavender has already been smuggled into the nose by the wind. Following the fragrance of flowers, you can find the location of Longji mountain ecological park.

Because it is a terrace like sea of flowers, it is more spectacular visually. When the wind blows, layers of purple waves rise and fall, like a dream, which makes people unable to move their eyes. Occasionally, you can see the little bees whispering on the branches of flowers in the distance.

Jinan flora Lavender ecological Manor

Address: North Bank of Yellow River at Luokou, Tianqiao District, Jinan City

Located in Jinan, flora Lavender ecological manor is backed by Queshan mountain and adjacent to the Yellow River. There is a unique lavender flower sea here, which belongs to Provence on the Bank of the Yellow River.

In the morning, facing the bright sunshine, stepping on the light pace, let the fragrance linger in the nose tip, not comfortable.

Besides watching, you can also DIY a lavender sachet on your body in the manor. Maybe your dream lover can follow this flower fragrance to find you.

In addition to sachets, Hand-made Soap, lavender bear can also DIY, as long as you have strong hands-on ability, everything can be done.

Qingdao West Coast Ecological Sightseeing Park

Address: no.3666, Jiaozhouwan East Road, Huangdao District, Qingdao

In the northeast of Qingdao West Coast Ecological Sightseeing Park, there is a lavender flower field with a total area of 100 mu. This is the blooming period. When viewed from a distance, it is quite spectacular, and taking pictures in it is unique.

In the east of lavender flower field, there are 12 thatched cottage barbecue kiosks, where you can experience the fun of a picnic.

There are also 850 meters long rainbow dragon and 40000 square meters colorful flower slope in the ecological sightseeing park. Rainbow Dragon is a glass fiber reinforced plastic drifting slide that can meander through colorful flower slope and lavender flower sea.

In addition, every year from early April to early May, there is a sea of rape flowers covering an area of 100 mu, which attracts tourists from all over the country.

Lavender flower field in Qingquan valley of Weihai

There are thousands of acres of purple flower fields beside the green mountains and fields. Walking in this flower field, you can breathe the fragrance of lavender. This pure romantic and poetic flavor is fascinating.

Weifang Honghe Lavender base

The clear sunlight sprinkles in the flower field, the flower branch floats the purple aperture. Here you can often see the wedding photos of the new people, white wedding dress floating in the lavender, everywhere shows the romance and beauty.

Ecological world of song Xiangyuan in Weifang

Address: No.1 Xinghua village, Linqu County, Weifang City

Looking up, the purple lavender, the rolling windmill and the tree house under construction are shining in the sun. Suddenly, it seems that they have crossed into the romantic France.

Now that songxiangyuan has blossomed into a sea, it's better to make an appointment with family and friends to have a romantic engagement in the sea of flowers.

After the lavender flower sea, you can also go to the lavender experience area and lavender products exhibition area to experience the beauty of lavender.

Rizhao huaxianzi scenic spot

Address: beiletai, Xihu Town, Donggang District, Rizhao City

The smart huaxianzi scenic area is built by the riverside of Rizhao West Lake. At this time, large areas of lavender in the scenic area have been in full bloom.

Yantai waiting Island

Address: Yangma Island Resort, Muping District, Yantai City

Waimachi island is located one kilometer west of Yangma island. There are lavender flowers and many European sceneries in it. You can feel poetic and picturesque in waiting island.

Lavender flower field of Jiaozhou happy source

Address: North of 395 provincial road, bulaolin village, Sanlihe, Jiaozhou City

Happiness source lavender flower field is located in the southwest of Jiaozhou City, covering an area of 350 mu. Lavender branches such as wheat ears of flowers, falling on the slender stems.

Romantic lavender fields dotted with several western style churches, both romantic and solemn, naturally became the first choice for wedding photos. When you look at the endless ocean of color, there is a buzzing sound of honey picking in your ears, as if you were in Provence.

Tengzhou Yulong Vanilla Garden

Address: Longshan scenic spot, Longyang, Tengzhou

Walking on the path of Yulong Vanilla Garden, you can see the purple flower sea all around, and the scenery of Longshan mountain is far away.

Yulong Vanilla Garden is decorated with garden castles, Dutch windmills, Korean wooden houses, white fences, log stumps, and thatched pavilions. It is a place that integrates the elements of various countries and attracts many people.