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How to play a day tour in Yinchuan? Yinchuan one day tour the best route, take it!

Yinchuan is a city suitable for tourism. You can see the scenery of the desert and get a better understanding of Chinese culture. Do you know where to go for a day tour in Yinchuan? What are the interesting places in Yinchuan?

1. Zhenbeibao Western cinema

The scene of Zixia fairy standing at the gate tower with zhizunbao in Dahua journey to the west is filmed here. In addition to this play, there are many classic TV dramas set here. Here you can have an addict to be a star, wear a set of costumes in the play, and use the props in the play to walk in the scene. When you are tired, you can go to the 'old Yinchuan Street' to taste the local traditional beauty The food is good, too.

2. Xixia Mausoleum

Friends who like history must like this scenic spot. Xixia mausoleum is the Royal Mausoleum of Xixia Dynasty, which has a good reputation of 'Oriental pyramid'. The whole scenic area has a very wide view and is one of the largest royal Mausoleums in history. There are nine Imperial Mausoleums and more than 140 accompanying tombs. The shape of the tomb is inverted and the shape is very distinctive. There are museums and art galleries to visit , so that visitors can have a deeper understanding of the history of the Xixia Dynasty.

3. Rock paintings in Helan Mountain

If you don't use the ancient rock paintings to record the life of the people, one of the most important ways to record the life of people in ancient times is to make use of the art of sun and rock.

4. Shuidonggou, Ningxia

Ningxia Shuidonggou really has the feeling of magnificent scenery in Northwest China. It's a scene of "solitary smoke in the desert". It's suggested to visit the site museum first to learn about the history, and then to visit the original site of Shuidonggou. Here you can ride a camel, go boating on the lake, and go to the Tibetan army cave to test the wisdom of the ancients. The cave is full of organs and traps.

5. China homecoming Cultural Park

The Chinese homecoming Cultural Park is a man-made landscape. It feels like Taj Mahal at a glance. When you arrive at the scenic spot, you will first see a magnificent Islamic style building, solemn and ethereal. If you go deep into it, you can enjoy the history and Islamic culture of the Hui people and experience a baptism.

As for the interesting scenic spots in Yinchuan, I'd like to introduce them to you. If you have only one day in a hurry, you can only go to these scenic spots in a day's tour of Yinchuan. We mainly recommend movie studios and rock paintings. These two must go.