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What are the special fruits of Nanning? Nanning unique fruit

Nanning is not only a city suitable for tourism, it is also an ancient cultural city with a long history, but also a modern city with Zhuang Nationality as the main ethnic group. Because of the special environment and climate in Nanning, Nanning is rich in fruits. What fruits does Nanning have?

Changzhou specialty 1: Mango

Nanning is rich in mango. The mango produced here is delicate in texture, sweet in taste, thin and juicy in skin. It is a high-grade tribute fruit. Mango fruit oval, skin light yellow, flesh orange yellow, tree life up to three or four hundred years.

Changzhou specialty 2: litchi

Guangxi is the hometown of litchi. The flesh of litchi is crystal clear, sweet and juicy. It is a famous fruit in South China. It can be used for canned, dried litchi and wine making. Su Dongpo has a poem that he eats 300 lychees a day and does not refuse to be a Lingnan person.

Changzhou specialty 3: Pineapple

Pineapple, also known as' pineapple ', is the main fruit in Nanning. Pineapple is rich in sugars with high calorific value, minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and many vitamins. It also contains an enzyme similar to gastrin, which can decompose protein and help digestion. In 1952, the varieties of Hawaiian and Sarawak with shallow fruit eyes were introduced, which were called non spike pineapple. Canned pineapple is one of the bulk commodities exported to Nanning.

Changzhou specialty 4: Wuming longan

Longan, commonly known as' Longan ', is a rare and special product in South Subtropical China. Due to its unique climate characteristics, longan in Nanning is full of flesh, sweet and fresh juice, small core and crisp skin, and is well-known throughout the country. Longan is very rich in nutritional value. Its flesh can replenish blood and strengthen spleen, and improve human immunity and memory. There are many ways to eat longan. Fresh longan is usually eaten directly. Dried longan can also be eaten directly. It can also be soaked in water or stewed in soup.

Changzhou specialty 5: Mashan honey pear

Mashan Township in Hengxian County has the reputation of "hometown of honey pears". The flesh of Mashan pear is tender, crisp and sweet. It tastes like honey. It can be divided into two kinds, namely, sand pear and green pear, with different tastes.