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Where was the crash site of Malaysia Airlines? The truth behind the death of Malaysia Airlines

According to foreign media reports, a close friend of Malaysia Airlines mh370 captain zahari revealed that zahari had long been destroyed by his failed marriage and was "not flying at all" and had hinted that the mh370 was "the last flight.". Is the death of Malaysia Airlines really a premeditated action? Is it true that all the people on board died?

The close friend, who is also a pilot, said zahari's wife's decision to move away with the children made zahari angry and he was' unable to fly the plane 'at the time.

In addition, there are reports that zahari is likely to lift the plane to 43000 feet, thus disappearing the plane from radar signals. He stayed at this altitude for 23 minutes, while under normal circumstances oxygen only lasts for 12 minutes. In other words, people on the plane lack oxygen, leading to coma and unconsciousness, and even death. The cockpit crew members can get other oxygen supply besides oxygen mask. After that, the plane continued to fly until it ran out of fuel.