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How to save oneself in earthquake? Guidelines for earthquake self rescue methods

We all know that earthquakes are uncontrollable natural disasters. We can learn how to save ourselves in earthquakes. There is a saying that it is better not to be shocked in a thousand days than to guard against it in a day. Mastering these self-help methods of escape in an earthquake may be life-saving at a critical moment. So, how to save oneself when the earthquake comes?

1、 Public place shock absorption:

The earthquake will not inform you in advance that he will come. When he comes, we may still be shopping in the mall. When there is an earthquake, we must not panic when we are in public places. There is a large flow of people in public places. If we run in panic, it is easy to have an accident. We should evacuate the scene orderly according to the instructions of the escape channel. Do not rush to the exit in a swarm. It is better to find a spacious place to squat down.

2、 School shock absorbers:

Xiaobian remembers that earthquake in 2008 was in class. At this time, when encountering an earthquake, we should immediately hide under the desks, chairs or solid objects, and protect our heads with schoolbags and books. Only after the earthquake, we can listen to the teacher's command and withdraw to the playground without buildings.

3、 Shock absorbers when driving:

Some people think it's safer to hide in the car when the earthquake is coming. This is wrong. The car looks very strong, but he is vulnerable in the face of a big earthquake. It's better to stop by the side of the road, not stay in the car, protect the head, squat beside the car and not be injured.

4、 Shock absorption at home:

Earthquakes are really terrible. When these natural disasters happen, we can only rely on self-help. When you have an earthquake at home, remember to run the net toilet. The smaller the room is, the safer it will be. Especially, the walls of the bathroom are mostly load-bearing walls. The falling objects on the roof are less. It is relatively safer than the living room and bedroom. When hiding from the earthquake at home, we must avoid the hanging objects at the beginning. When escaping, we must not take the elevator.