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How to go to wailingding island from Zhuhai? How much is the fare?

Zhuhai has been a popular coastal city for many years. Wailingding island is a popular exclusive island in Zhuhai. The sky is blue, the sea water is clear and the folk style is simple. Because Lingding island is isolated and in wailingding, it is named wailingding island. Friends who go to tourism must pay attention to the traffic mode. Many people don't know how to go to wailingding island?

How to Zhuhai to wailingding Island

All the trips from Zhuhai to wailingding island are going by boat. They take a boat directly at Xiangzhou port passenger terminal of Zhuhai. The departure time of Xiangzhou port is 8:40, 11:20, 11:50, 12:40, 14:20, 15:30, and the return time of wailingding island is 10:30; 11:20; 12:50; 13:20; 14:10; 16:15; 16:50. The trip is about 1 and a half hours, and the fare is 120 yuan. How many months is wailingding island the best? How can I get to Xiangzhou port wharf from Zhuhai?

The climate of wailingding island is relatively comfortable. The highest temperature in summer is only 36 ℃, the hottest June August and the average monthly temperature is only 28 ℃. The rainy season in Zhuhai from May to October every year accounts for more than 90% of the annual rainfall. Tourists must carry their ID card when they travel to prepare for border inspection when boarding. The island has a relatively complete facility, providing barbecue, rowing, diving and other entertainment projects, and can arrange the trip well.

It is clear that we can buy tickets directly online or on-site. If you buy them directly to Xiangzhou port, Zhuhai has two bus lines, 11 and 56, which can reach Xiangzhou port passenger terminal, and one class in 20-30 minutes.