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Which country does Menado belong to? What's the climate of Menado?

Where is Menado? Capital of North Sulawesi province, Indonesia. Is it suitable to go to Indonesia now? Will it be very dry and hot? In other words, how suitable is it for us to go to Menado in a few months?

Menado, the second largest city in Sulawesi, Indonesia, is surrounded by mountains and is known for its beautiful coastal scenery. With amazing undersea world, charming countryside scenery and sleeping active volcano, we can also taste the local characteristic food - Minahasa cuisine. The commercial atmosphere of Menado is very few, which can make us get rid of the secular hustle and bustle for a short time. It is a resort to enjoy nature. How many months is it for minador? [meinado travel essential knowledge /-- ]

How many months is it for minador

Menado is a tropical rainforest climate. It is hot, humid, hot and rainy all year round. It is rainy season from November to April of the next year. It is not recommended to go in rainy season. Due to the inconvenience of travel, the arrangement of play will be interrupted by rain, and the temperature difference between day and night is too large.

Menado is suitable for dry season, such as June to September. Although the highest temperature is 34 degrees, the precipitation is small and will not disturb our travel. But pay attention to avoid Ramadan when traveling, otherwise most restaurants are closed. It's better to go before Ramadan, because there are many people after Ramadan and prices will rise.

Warm tips: Meina is a tropical rainforest climate, relatively hot and humid. Therefore, we should pay attention to sunscreen and mosquito bites, and travel to prevent heatstroke. Then because we want to dive and so on, when we choose sunscreen, we must choose waterproof.