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Where to buy Nanning specialty? Nanning to buy local products must be recommended

Nanning is an ancient cultural city with a long history. It plays an important role in both ancient and modern times. It is also a modern city with Zhuang Nationality as its main ethnic group. When you go to Nanning, you must buy the specialties of Nanning. Where can you buy special products in Nanning?

1. Chaoyang Road

Chaoyang Road is the core pedestrian street of Nanning city. It extends to Nanning railway station, forming a business circle. Here, there are the prosperity of the city and snacks in different places. There are many large-scale comprehensive shopping centers, such as Nanning Department store, diamond square, Manhattan supermarket, Wal Mart, Norma and so on. If you want to buy special products of Nanning, Chaoyang Road is very good choice.

2. Xiguan road night market

Xiguan road night market can be said to be a paradise for food. Snacks are available in all parts of the country. From the beginning of every evening, stalls selling all kinds of middle and low-grade clothing, decorations, cosmetics and toys are lined up in a row, shouting and shouting. Here you can buy Nanning's Hydrangea and Zhuang brocade and other special products.

3. Minsheng Road Pedestrian Street

Minsheng Road Pedestrian Street is the most prosperous and bustling commercial street in Nanning from the former Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China. It is also the most prosperous and bustling commercial street in Nanning, and has created many well-known time-honored brands, such as Wanguo restaurant, Haitian Hotel, Sanhe restaurant, Yixin barber shop, xinshengyuan ice room, Hendry watch shop, etc. At present, there are 220 large and small shops in the pedestrian street. With the continuous improvement of commercial formats, it will eventually become a one-stop shopping modern commercial street with the strongest commercial atmosphere and the most distinctive features in Nanning, integrating shopping, leisure, entertainment, catering and accommodation.

4. Zhongshan Road, Nanning

Zhongshan Road in Nanning is a famous snack street in China. It has a long history and many delicious foods. It is the favorite place for Nanning people to have a snack. It is also a must for friends who travel to Nanning. Zhongshan Road in Nanning is also known as the "Hong Kong snack street" in the south. Since the China ASEAN Expo was established in Nanning for ever, China Central Television also filmed a documentary on Zhongshan Road in 2010. Zhongshan road is a collection of characteristic snacks from ten ASEAN countries. If you want to buy Nanning's specialty, here is also a very good choice.