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What's the matter of bamboo being engraved with characters in 4A scenic area of Shaanxi Province? Ho

On June 12, in the Cuiping island tourist area of Yinghu Lake in Ankang, Shaanxi Province, a large number of bamboos were inscribed with words like "I love you" to visit here. Some of the characters are still visible in 2010. Almost none of the bamboo trees survived, and dozens of characters were carved on some of them. What's going on here? How can we stop this happening?

It is reported that more people have been sent to inspect the scenic area. This ornamental bamboo, also known as nest bamboo, has been planted for more than 10 years. It grows very slowly and is difficult to recover after being engraved.

According to the customer service staff of the scenic area, these words are engraved by tourists themselves, and sometimes they can't be seen during inspection, so it's hard to stop them.