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How to save oneself in case of aircraft fire? The fastest way to save yourself from an accident

In recent years, the air crash has been appearing in all kinds of news reports, among which the fire is the most serious. So, what should we do when the plane fires?

1、 Emergency exit location

Knowing the location of the emergency exit is what every passenger must know when boarding. When boarding the plane, you should know clearly where you are from the emergency exit. Even if the cabin is full of smoke and you can't see clearly, you can get to the safety exit quickly by several seats to avoid missing. The best choice of seat is the aisle position. Passengers sitting in the rear of the aircraft can have 40% more escape probability than those in the front row.

2、 Prepare for escape when the accident occurs

When an accident occurs, please bring your own oxygen mask before helping others, because your time is only 15 seconds. Don't think you are fast enough. You can never think of what will happen. If the plane makes a forced landing, put your hands on the back of the front seat, put your head on your hands, or hold your head in your hands and curl up close to your knees. Don't lean straight against the back of your chair.

3、 Learn as much as you can

If the plane has to make a forced landing, if it is on the water surface, remember to wear a life jacket. The life jacket is not inflated on the aircraft, it can only be left the aircraft. Here we have to say again the importance of the safety regulations on the aircraft. Make sure to see how to use the life jacket. There is a detailed explanation in it. If it's cold, take a blanket from the plane.

4、 Keep calm

People are always easy to lose their heads in the face of unexpected accidents. The few people who have not changed their face when Mount Tai collapses in front of them. Even if they are in a panic, they should force themselves to calm down quickly. Only when they are calm can they have more vitality.

5、 Quick escape

After landing, the plane quickly goes to the emergency exit. Because the cabin is a confined space, fire and poison gas will spread rapidly. Time is life. At this time, all property is floating clouds, and talents are the most important. After going out, if it is in a safe area, such as an airport forced landing, stay away from the plane. No one knows if there will be an explosion. If it's a field landing, you should stay away from the plane, but not too far, because you have to wait for rescue at the crash site.

6、 The importance of dress

Don't wear high-heeled shoes just to look good. If you wear them, you can take them off. Although long clothes and trousers can provide better protection, it is impossible to require a person to do so in summer. Therefore, it can only be said that the shoes should be light and comfortable.