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Why don't most people tear the luggage label after getting off the plane? What are the benefits of n

We all know that air travel, if you need to check luggage, airline staff will stick or tie some labels on the luggage. But Xiaobian found that some passengers' suitcases were covered with a lot of labels. At first, they laughed at their suitcases. After knowing the advantages of not tearing the labels, I didn't tear them! So, what is the effect of not tearing the label on the trunk?

The first advantage is high recognition

Nowadays, the styles of suitcases are basically the same. In the airport, you will find that there are many similar suitcases. It is not too easy to bump into a suitcase than to bump into a shirt. Large airports as like as two peas are large. They will have a lot of traffic. There will be plenty of identical suitcases. When the flight is landing, all the boxes will be the same. If your luggage is special enough, for example, you can quickly find your own in a pile of similar suitcases.

The second advantage is not afraid to lose

We all know that there is this bar code on the luggage label attached by the airline, and there will be some flight information and so on. If the luggage is lost carelessly in the airport or on the way to the hotel, people can quickly find your side through the information on the luggage box, and then it will be sent to the police station and you can be contacted by the airline.

Third, it has commemorative significance

Friends who like to travel should have the habit of buying souvenirs. Souvenirs are not expensive, they are commemorative. Some people are candy, some are stamps, some are refrigerator stickers. Some tourists like to leave labels on their suitcases and leave traces of their flying. Looking at the labels on the suitcases one by one, you will chatter about your journey Cheng.

Keep the box clean

In addition to the above three points, some passengers do not tear the labels because of the above reasons, just because it is not easy to handle. The young friends all know that the glue viscosity used by the airlines for these labels is not generally good. Generally speaking, small knitting machine is used to blow for a while, and it will be torn when there is a slight yellow. Some passengers dislike the trouble and tear it directly by hand, which will easily leave traces on the luggage. And these marks are very ugly, because of the glue, it will adhere to some dirty things. Therefore, some passengers simply won't tear off the luggage labels for their own love boxes.