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Do you know what Paris is in the latest rankings of French cities?

Speaking of France, we should not be unfamiliar with it! France is a country with a sense of history on the European continent. It is not only famous for its wine, but also a romantic city. Many people travel to France every year. So, what are the rankings of French cities?

What are the rankings of French cities

1. Paris

Paris is not only the capital of France, but also the largest city in France. It may be the atypical romance of Notre Dame de Paris, or the last flashy of human comedy. Some people say that she is indifferent, some say she is expensive, and some say she is chaotic. But the coexistence of fashion and romance is the perfect portrayal of Paris. As a fashionable and architectural city in Paris, you can't miss the classic landmarks and symbols here, such as the Eiffel Tower, Versailles Palace, Notre Dame de Paris, as well as the romantic Seine River. Of course, you have to eat French food.

2. Marseilles

Marseille is the largest seaport city in France, a very important trade and transportation port and the oldest city in France, covering an area of 240.62 square kilometers and a population of 862000 (2015). Marseille has a Mediterranean climate with pleasant climate and beautiful scenery throughout the year. Marseilles is close to the Mediterranean Sea in the west, with deep water and wide harbor, without rapids and dangerous shoals. In the west, there are Rhone River and flat River Valley connecting with northern Europe, and its geographical position is unique. Marseille has an annual cargo volume of 100 million tons, which is the largest gateway of France's foreign trade and is considered as the "gate of the East".

3. Lyon

Lyon is the third largest city in France. Lyon is also an important cultural and Art Center in France and even Europe. It is famous for its silk trade and flourished in Roman times. In 1998, Lyon was listed as a world cultural heritage by UNESCO. The urban population is about 500000.

4. Toulouse

Toulouse, located in the southwest of France, covers an area of 118.30 square kilometers and has a population of 472000 (2015). The architecture of Toulouse has always retained the characteristics of rose red brick and tile, so it has the reputation of 'city of roses'. The development of the violet culture in Toulouse in the 19th century made it a symbol of the city and won him the reputation of "the city of violet". Toulouse is the center of the European aerospace industry and the headquarters of Airbus. With more than 100000 students, it was once named France's most dynamic city in 2009, as did the economic magazine challenge in 2012 and 2015.

5. Nice

Nice is the fifth largest city in France, with a population of about 340000. It is the second largest tourist city in France after Paris. It is also one of the most attractive seaside resorts in Europe and even in the world. The number of visitors to nice city exceeds 4 million every year, nearly 10 times of the city's population. Nice is the absolute holiday paradise in the heart of the French.