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Visa has not expired, how to do passport expired? Do you need to re apply for your passport and visa

As we all know, we must apply for visa and passport when traveling abroad. Although some countries are visa free to China, most of them still need to apply for a visa. As Chinese people travel abroad more and more frequently, many tourists will choose to apply for visa for several years. At this time, new problems arise. The validity period of visa in many destination countries is not consistent with the validity period of the tourist's passport. Therefore, many partners are faced with the problem of how to deal with the expired passport when the visa is valid for many times?

Situation 1:

If the passport is expired, the new and old passport and valid visa can be produced at the same time.

Example: Japan

There are three types of individual travel visa for Chinese residents to Japan: single visit visa, three-year multiple round-trip visa and five-year multiple round-trip visa. Among them, a single valid period of 3 months, the longest stay of 15 days; three years of multiple round-trip visa, can be used repeatedly within the 3-year validity period, the longest stay of 15 days; five-year multiple sign validity period of 5 years, the longest stay of 90 days.

Treatment: after the passport expired, Japan's long-term multiple round-trip visa does not need to be transferred, as long as the old and new passport and valid Japanese visa can be presented. Singapore visa has not expired, but passport expired need to be re processed?

Situation 2:

If the passport is expired, you need to apply for a transfer visa or reapply, and go through the transfer procedures at the institution or consulate

Example: Singapore

From June 1, 2015, travelers who have visited Singapore and have the support of relevant Singapore institutions are likely to obtain multiple round-trip visa in Singapore for 10 years and enjoy self-service customs clearance service at Singapore's entry port. This policy is mainly aimed at travelers who travel frequently. Once the application is successful, their spouses and children under 21 years old will enjoy the same treatment. In addition to the multiple round-trip visa under the new policy, Singapore also issues multiple round-trip visa valid for most travelers from one month to two years.

Solution: if the passport is expired and the visa (including e-visa) is not invalid, visa transfer is required. However, at present, the Singapore embassies and consulates general do not accept direct visa applications, so they need to submit applications through the official visa agent designated by Singapore.

Situation 3:

When the passport is expired, the old and new passport + visa or visa can be transferred. This is mainly aimed at European countries. Because the regulations in European countries are different, you must confirm before you travel.

Example: Schengen signing country

The characteristics of single round trip Schengen visa are as follows:

1. Travelers must apply for Schengen visa issued by the main country of stay (the country with the largest number of stay days in the journey), and there is no limit to the country of entry;

2. Multiple round-trip Schengen visa will no longer be subject to these regulations from the second time except that the visa must be issued in the main country of stay for the first time. Countries in the Schengen area can issue multiple round-trip visa according to their own standards, but they also have different provisions on where the original visa will go after the expiration of the passport.

Processing method: when the passport is expired, you can show the old and new passport + French multiple round-trip visa to enter France. However, Italy has to handle visa transfer. Therefore, you need to call the embassies and consulates of various countries for confirmation before departure.