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How to play the best one day tour in Zhuhai? Clothing, food, housing and transportation are all avai

Zhuhai is very close to Macao and Hong Kong. Now that the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge has been opened, it will be more convenient for the three cities to communicate with each other. As a garden like coastal city, Zhuhai can always be rated as a 'livable city', 'garden city' or 'happy city'. Therefore, there are a lot of tourists here. So, what's the best route for a day tour in Zhuhai?

The best route for one day tour in Zhuhai

Route overview:

D1 Meixi memorial archway tourist area (2 hours) & rarr; stone Expo Garden (2 hours) & rarr; Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge (2 hours) & rarr; Shijingshan Park (more than 2 hours)

Because you have to visit several scenic spots in a day, you may be nervous. In the morning, you can go to Meixi memorial archway to visit the stone expo garden. Basically, you can refer to the time in the morning. Then you can take a boat tour around Macao in the afternoon. You can see the scenery of Macao and the century project Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge. Finally, you can go to Shijingshan Park and punch in the legend of fishermen in Zhuhai landmark


There are many bus lines in Zhuhai, all of which are air-conditioned vehicles. They are generally operated by Zhuhai bus company. Starting from the starting price of 2 yuan, Zhuhai Tongda card / Zhongshan tong can enjoy a 10% discount. There are also ships between Zhuhai and Macao at the terminals participating in the Macao island tour. The ticket prices are about 12 Hong Kong dollars, 12.5 Macao dollars and 10 yuan.

get accommodation:

It is the most adjacent port to Macao and is located in the north of Zhuhai. There are various hotels of different grades near Gongbei port, which are suitable for tourists who want to go to Macao in the early morning.

delicious food:

&#Among the local specialties of Zhuhai, seafood accounts for the vast majority, and Hengqin oyster and Doumen specialty heavy shell crab are undoubtedly the most famous specialties in Zhuhai. And the best place to taste seafood is Zhuhai Wanchai seafood street.

I hope this one-day self-help Tour strategy in Zhuhai can help you. Basically, you can only play in the urban area of Zhuhai for one day. If you want to go to Hong Kong or Macao for a turn, you still need to arrange a few more days.