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Why tip in America? Details of us tipping standards

In China, we don't have the habit of tipping, and both sides feel it's unnecessary. But when we go to America, we need to respect their habits and culture. In the United States, there is a custom of tipping service personnel. Why is that? And what's the standard for tipping?

Why tip in America

In the United States, tipping is an important traditional culture. Americans feel it. Moreover, the basic wage of service workers in the United States is very low, even lower than the local statutory minimum wage level in many states. Therefore, they need to rely on tips to make up for the minimum wage gap. Tip is their main source of income. Sometimes tips can make up about 70% of their wages.

Tip rules in the United States

When we are having a meal, the service staff will serve tea, order food, deliver food, and ask you whether the meal fits. That's when you should tip. Generally, lunch is 10% - 15% of the bill as a tip, while dinner is 15% - 20%. If the number of people eating more than five, you must pay an 18% tip, otherwise it is impolite.

When we go to the hotel, someone will help you with your luggage. But not in China. Generally, hotels pay $1 per piece of luggage, and usually put $1 bills on the pillows of each bed before going out in the morning. When we rent, we usually tip 15%.

Tips: we should pay attention to marking the habits, etiquette and culture of other countries when we go abroad to play. To be a civilized and polite countryman, we should let other countries see that we are a country of etiquette.