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What are the hot spots in Yangshuo? Which district are the popular scenic spots in Yangshuo?

Yangshuo, it is said that there are more than 110 scenic spots in Yangshuo. Since then, Yangshuo has been called "green mountains, beautiful waters, strange peaks and ingenious caves", which is the four wonders in the world. Among them, Lijiang River flows 56 kilometers through Yangshuo County. There are many odd peaks on both sides of the river, and there are many green bamboos on the bank. The reflection of these peaks and bamboos on the surface of Chengbi river forms a wonderful landscape painting length. Do you know what hot spots there are in such a beautiful Yangshuo?

Hot spots in Yangshuo

nine-horse fresco hill

Jiuma painting mountain is one of the famous landscapes of Lijiang River in Guilin, and it is also a marvel of nature. Located 4 kilometers northwest of Xingping Town, the mountain is more than 400 meters high and 200 meters wide. It stands close to the river. The stone walls are cut and colorful. From afar, it looks like a huge painting screen. If you look at it carefully, there are only a group of horses standing or lying down, or raising their heads and neighing, or flying with their hooves, looking back at the clouds and sky, or leisurely looking for food.

It is said that the nine horses in the painting screen were originally heavenly palaces and gods, but because Sun Wukong, who was in charge of "Bi Ma Wen" at that time, was not in charge, he stole from the mortal world and came to drink water by the Lijiang River. Later, he was found by the painters on the riverside and was frightened. He mistakenly entered the stone wall and remained in the world forever. According to the local people, people who can see nine horses here must not be ordinary people. Premier Zhou Enlai is one of them.

Xingping ancient town

Xingping ancient town is located on the East Bank of Lijiang River, where Lijiang river twists and turns to flow. The pattern on the back of 20 yuan RMB is the real scene of Xingping. The end of the Li River section will come ashore and will come here. Compared with the bustling West Street, Xingping has experienced many vicissitudes and is still simple. The bluestone slab polished by time shows the original flavor of Yangshuo.

Every year, when the old street crows, there are few dogs. Despite this, there are still many homesick villagers and people who have come from afar to love and settle here, and always stick to the land where the traces of time can be seen everywhere. Suitable for tourists who like nostalgia.

In addition, don't forget to taste Xingping's famous' songhuatang ', which is rich in brown and yellow luster. Its quality is crisp and its grains are dense but not contained. It's sweet and crisp, and it's very popular to eat.

Moon Mountain

There is a natural cave on the top of the moon mountain, which connects the mountain from both sides. From a distance, it looks like a bright moon hanging here. Therefore, it is named Mingyue peak, commonly known as moon mountain. The most amazing thing is, from the foot of the mountain along the 800 level Qingshiban mountain road, you will see the moon cave from the full moon to the first quarter of the moon cycle. Finally, we arrive at the moon cave at the top of the mountain. In the dense stalactites, we can find the jade rabbit and Wu Gang on the Moon Palace. The air is fresh and the view is wide. Most foreign tourists prefer camping and rock climbing at the top of moon mountain.

Look at the moon mountain panorama, in the foot of the mountain overlooking the best. Opposite the moon mountain is Li village, which is the best place to watch the moon mountain. Generally, tourists will rest here when they are tired of riding, and have a good view while eating.

As a 'Pearl' of Yangshuo rock climbing holy land, moon mountain has been known by numerous rock climbing enthusiasts and become the symbol of Guilin rock climbing. In addition to the good stone quality and the special difficulty of the arch, it is regarded as a rare "Temple" in the climbing world. The moon mountain is about 8 kilometers away from the county, and the rock climbing site is at the semicircle arch of the top of the mountain. The moon mountain is the most attractive and distinctive place in Yangshuo, where thousands of pilgrims are welcomed every year. Most of the 15 climbing routes are on the back of the mountain (facing northwest). Along the path to the right, you can get to the bottom of route 14, which is more than 30 meters long and spans the arch of moon mountain. It is the most difficult natural cliff route in China so far.

Banyan scenic spot

If Yangshuo is a big bonsai, banyan is one of the most important potted plants. This ancient banyan is 17m high and 7km in diameter. It is said that it was planted in the Jin Dynasty and has been more than 1500 years old. If you look closely, you can see that the banyan trees have to be rooted, and the banyan trees will grow into a forest.

Compared with the age of the tree, it may be more famous because Sanjie Liu threw a love ball to brother a Niu under the tree, and the film Sanjie Liu was set here.

The scenic spot is actually around the ancient trees. Jinbao river is flowing slowly. The small river is intercepted by a dam. When the water rises, the water rolls over the dam surface. When the water is less, you can take off your shoes and run to play in the water. The cool river water overflows the feet, making the heart cool. You can also try to play self-help bamboo rafts. When you are back in charge of rafts, you will enjoy it.

land of idyllic beauty

Xanadu is a newly developed 5A level scenic spot in Yangshuo. It is mainly composed of lotus pond, Yanzi lake, Yanzi cave, Dong style and primitive tribes.

There are two ways of sightseeing in the scenic area: Water Tour and hiking tour. You can take a boat to swim on the broad lake. You can see the huge water roller cart, the unique wind and rain bridge and the Bronze Drum Tower. Along the way, you can also go through the original forms of welcoming guests, offering sacrifices, hunting, and enjoying folk dances and other folk performances.

You can also review the ancient culture of wine making, paper making, printing, bamboo carving, wood carving, pottery and so on. The game of robbing Hydrangea also makes the journey more interesting. Suitable for tourists who like photography and national style. Especially in the early spring, you can enjoy the peach blossom forest.


Julongtan is the only cave in Yangshuo that can be used for both water and land sightseeing. It is divided into two major caves: black rock and water rock. A quarter of the distance in the cave can be visited by boat or on foot by the plank road. There are countless stalactites in the cave, which are like dragons in various shapes and vivid. In addition, all the stone buds, stone flowers, stalactites, cave beads, waterfalls, water holes, underground rivers, etc. can be seen here. However, due to the uneven surface and dim light in the karst cave, it is not recommended for the elderly with poor mobility to visit.

Sounds of nature & Butterfly Spring

The sign of the scenic spot is that you can see a mountain peak on the stone wall beside the road. There is a huge 'Butterfly' flying. As its name suggests, this is the largest living butterfly garden in China, where you can enjoy all kinds of butterflies.

There is also an exquisite cave, the only original suspension bridge in Yangshuo, and the best viewing platform overlooking the ruralong River and Yangjiao mountain. There are not many places to play in the scenic area, so it is suitable to take photos. More people like to go rock climbing, speed drop and so on.

Fuli Bridge

Fuli bridge is 56 kilometers away from Guilin city and 12 kilometers away from Yangshuo County. It is 500 meters upstream of the Yulong River. It is a single arch stone structure, 30 meters long, 5 meters wide and 10 meters high. It was built in the Ming Dynasty. It has a history of more than 500 years. It has a beautiful shape. The reflection in the water looks like a full moon. It is the best place to enjoy the pastoral scenery.