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Is Guangzhou far from Nan'ao Island? How can I get to Nan'ao Island from Guangzhou?

Nan'ao Island is a relatively small island in China. It is located in the sea area between Guangdong Province and Fujian Province. The island scenery here is very charming. Because of the less development, the island still maintains a lot of original features. It is definitely a small resort. How far is Guangzhou from Nan'ao Island? How can Guangzhou get to Nan'ao Island?

How far is Guangzhou from Nan'ao Island

It takes about 449.5 kilometers to drive from Guangzhou to Nan'ao Island, and it takes about five and a half hours to drive by yourself. Friends starting from Guangzhou have to pass through Guanghe Expressway and Shanzhan expressway, and those who don't want to drive can also choose public transportation. The landscape of Nan'ao Island is natural. Because of less development, environmental protection is good, and many mountains, rocks, grass and trees depend on However, it retains its original appearance, and the beach scenery is also very beautiful. It is a popular spot for taking photos. In addition, there are some historical sites on the island, which you can visit in your spare time.

How can I get to Nan'ao Island from Guangzhou

[high speed rail]: buy the high-speed rail to get off at Chaoshan station, and then take the high-speed rail bus (1 hour drive, 20 yuan / person) to Shantou 'passenger transport center station', walk 30 meters north of the station, and take bus No. 161 directly to the top of Nan'ao mountain.

Train: you can get off at Shantou station and walk two or three hundred meters north to Shantou 'passenger transport center' bus station. Take bus No.161 directly to the top of Nan'ao.

[bus]: choose Shantou bus station or Shantou bus passenger center station to get off. There are No. 161 bus stops near the two bus stops, directly to the top of Nan'ao. Bus No. 161 is divided into a and B. line B will go north through Chenghai and then go to the island. The station and time are a little longer. 12 yuan / person, half an hour.

About the traffic from Guangzhou to Nan'ao Island has been introduced in detail. Friends in need can take it as a reference. If you want to be convenient and fast, you can choose high-speed rail or self driving.