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Where is the site of Chen Sheng Wu Guang uprising? How to go to the former site of Chen Sheng Wu Gua

Anhui is a good tourism province, and what are the famous tourist attractions in Anhui? The former site of Chen Sheng Wu Guang uprising is located in daze Town, Suzhou City, Anhui Province. There are related to the old Taiwan, longan well, honghuyuan and other scenic spots. In 209 B.C., Chen Sheng, Wu Guang and 900 Lu Zuo went to Yuyang to guard the border, and to Daze township. Because of the rain, the uprising broke out in daze township. They led the people to chop wood for soldiers, raise their poles as flags, build an altar and pledge to punish the violent Qin Dynasty. Because of Chen Sheng's word, later generations took the altar of his oath of alliance as suogutai.

Honghu Garden

In the south of Taitung, there are honghuyuan Memorial Hall of Chensheng and Wuguang uprising, with a total area of 2475 square meters. There are dozens of inscriptions on the stele gallery and cultural relics, and nearly 500 pieces of paintings and calligraphy presented by famous calligraphers and painters are displayed in one place.

Longan well

There is still an ancient well, more than 20 meters deep, along the Taitung river. It is called longan well, which is the remains of the temple. There are four inscriptions on the stage, including Wanli of Ming Dynasty, Daoguang of Qing Dynasty, Guangxu of Qing Dynasty and 29 years of the Republic of China. According to the inscriptions, loutai temple was set up before Ming Dynasty. Folding Zhalong tree

There is an old withered tree in Tainan. The tree is in the shape of a dragon with scales all over it. It is called Zhalong tree.

Ancient Taiwan

It is 4.6 meters high in the north and 3.2 meters in the south. It is 67.6 meters long from east to west, 65.5 meters wide from north to south, and covers an area of 4427.8 square meters. It is surrounded by green trees and elegant environment. There are several cypress trees on the stage,


A large relief statue of Chen Sheng and Wu Guang uprising stands on the 70 meter central axis of Tainan. The statue is 9 meters high, 6.2 meters wide, 1.7 meters thick, with a total weight of 120 tons. The shape of the statue is torch shaped, symbolizing that Chen Sheng and Wu Guang ignited the first peasant uprising. Chen Sheng points to Qi county with his right hand, and calls for the uprising army with his left hand. Wu Guang raises his stick in anger and rushes ahead. This sample won the bronze medal at the national sculpture competition in 1984.


1. Take train or bus to Suzhou, and take bus from Suzhou to Daze town.

2. You can take a taxi or charter a car. The starting price of taxi in Suzhou is 4 yuan, 1 yuan per kilometer for more than 2 kilometers, and 4.8 yuan at night (24:00-05:00 the next day), plus night subsidies, road and bridge tolls, etc.