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How about the gas fire in Changchun? What are the casualties?

At about 7:00 on June 13, a residential building near the intersection of Jingwei road and Fu'an street in Changchun City, Jilin Province was suspected of a gas explosion. A cordon has been set up at the scene. According to residents nearby,, China, the explosion occurred in a deli shop, which suddenly exploded at about 7.30 am. There were three explosions successively. So, are there any casualties in the explosion? How to prevent natural gas explosion accidents in daily life?

At the scene, it was noticed that the vehicles near the explosion area were damaged to varying degrees. The balcony of the building at the origin of the explosion had been seriously deformed. The window glass of the first to fifth floors in the South and the third floor in the north direction of the building were all broken. The walls on both sides were damaged to a certain extent, and the building materials were scattered around.

Mr. Qiao, a resident, also said that the residential building where the explosion occurred was just opposite his house. At that time, two snack bars on the first floor exploded, and the windows in the room were broken. After the children heard the loud noise, the family quickly evacuated.

How to prevent natural gas explosion accidents in daily life?

When cooking with natural gas and other gas, natural gas will come out of the stove and burn with it. If the leakage does not burn and reaches a certain concentration in the air, it will burn in an instant when it encounters an open fire, and it will be heated and expanded violently. This is the explosion.

So, under what conditions can the gas reach the explosion concentration in the air? How to prevent natural gas explosion accidents in daily life?

1. When boiling water, porridge and soup are not attended to, the soup overflows and extinguishes the flame. Unburned gas diffuses into the air and forms explosive gas in the kitchen.

2. The gas stove is close to the window and the flame is blown out by the wind. The gas valve was not closed in time, and the gas leaked out.

3. The hose of water heater or LPG cylinder falls off, and the hose breaks and leaks.

4. Improper use of the gas water heater or failure of the water heater, the gas valve is not closed, resulting in a large amount of gas leakage.

Therefore, in order to avoid explosion accidents, the kettle should not be filled too full; porridge and soup should not be left alone; the valve should be turned off in time for gas fire extinguishing; and the gas valve must be turned off immediately in case of water heater failure.

If it is found that the gas leakage has spread to the room, the doors and windows should be opened immediately for ventilation, the gas should be discharged, and all open fires should be prohibited. Electric spark may occur when the light switch is turned on, the telephone is made, the exhaust fan is turned on, the switch is pulled, and the plug is pulled out (the electric spark does not occur when the switch is not under load). These sparks are enough to ignite the explosive gas. When the refrigerator starts and stops, and the washing machine and other household appliances are running, electric sparks also occur, which should be alerted.

For gas hose, pay attention to check whether there are falling off, cracking, aging, cracks and other phenomena. Rotary core valve (cock) should be used instead of gate valve and ball valve which is easy to leak.

Check the leakage method: Brush soap solution on the interface of gas meter and pipeline components. If the soap water produces bubbles, it indicates air leakage.

The residual liquid in the liquefied gas bottle must not be poured on the ground or in the sewer. The residual liquid is liquefied gas without gasification, which may vaporize rapidly in air. There are a lot of fire and explosion accidents due to residual liquid pouring. Also have pour in toilet, smoke when defecation burns buttocks.